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And thank you so much for your confirming your booking with me. I am honoured and delighted to be working with you.

Before your session with me, I'd like to share a bit of information on what to expect during the session and what to do to be ready....

So, We start this process by looking at your issues…

Each issue in your life has actually been chosen by you, for you to learn the most from this adversity.

We are going to tell the Universe and anything else involved that it is time to change this reality.

By doing this, we look at the BIG Picture as to why they are happening to you and what you are meant to LEARN from this…

Then we use a combination of Modern Psychology and Ancient Chinese Acupressure (EFT or Body Meridian Tapping), Faster EFT, Reprogramming, Muscle Testing, Body & Energy Scans, Telepathic Body Whispering, Reiki and other Energy Clearing Principles, Level of Consciousness and basic Hypnosis and Past Life clearing if required,

My style of practice provides long term, quick and startling results after clearing MANY THOUSANDS OF YEARS of trauma, blocks & old energy.

What should I expect?

During this work, you may experience some dizziness, tingles in your fingers or through your body or even goose bumps during tapping as the electricity flows freely through your body, clearing blocks.

You may also yawn, burp or cry, as your body’s natural release process for clearing your blocks, negative or stressful emotions or any other "stuff" that you have been holding in there.

I always recommend drinking lots of water during and after the appointment and taking it easy as your body gets used to its new state.

You will feel a little bit "hung over" and tired by the release of these toxins, and may feel a bit average over 24-48 hours, but once you have released your body of these toxins you will probably find that you will sleep better, eat better, a clearer mind and generally have more energy than ever before.

I have also found that the people around my clients also change as a result.

As your body experiences an increase in the flow of electricity & energy, your body’s "vibration" will be a lot higher than it was before, which means that inner "magnet" that everyone has attracts all the good things in life.

Family & friends may seem more relaxed, open and friendly around you and you will find opportunities will find their way to you in ways you have never imagined before!

Every one of my clients have experienced huge life changes after a session with me – always for the better.

I look forward to helping you do the same.

Much Love, Kim xoxoxoxo

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