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Live a Limitless Guided Life..

Following your Divine Life Path...

Daily I have a meeting with my Spiritual Team.

They show me what my next step is in my life and business...

As they have done the last 5 years...

It was then that I realised the "Power of Being Divinely Guided"....

I can always trust that if I'm stuck with something or if I need an answer or guidance, I'm totally covered.

I am never alone and I always have guidance available to me whenever I need it...

The Universe totally has got my back.

But even more than that, I never have to worry or stress about what the future holds.

The Universe and my Spiritual Team know my life purpose. They know what I am meant to do.

My job is to surrender to them, morning and night. To get out of the way and just follow their guidance.

When I do this, I am always successful.

When I get in the way, try and plan and organise using my "thinking head"... it never works.

That's when, at that very moment, I was guided to show others how to live this way too.

It was such a simple message that I didn't actually acknowledge it.

Because it is my life, I didn't really think that the way I live my life would be something that was special or different...

Until I was shown what my life was like beforehand.

Then I could see that Living a Guided Life was one of the most powerful gifts I have ever been given.

To Live a Guided Life...following your Divine Life Path by being divinely guided by your Spiritual Team.

Those who know what you are meant to achieve, and how.

This is so powerful, I am teaching people how to do this...

To live a Limitless Guided Life..

If you are wanting to move into the Path of Least Resistance

And away from the struggle, have to, pushing and hard work of "trying" to work it out

Using your Spiritual Team to help you along the path....

This is for you....

What our clients say...

"Whoa, Kim! What a roller coaster.

My awareness has expanded SO much around presence. I am literally living moment to moment which has been AWESOME and a little disorienting, but I have to say my anxiety and fear has been much better. I'm very conscious of vibrating at a non-busy place, breathing more and reminding myself to slow down. Our session was so powerful. In addition to connecting with Who I Really Am, I would like to shift more into a vibration of abundance...It feels foreign to not be pounding out a to do list, but it also feels really great and you are so right about doing pleasurable things until the desire to work comes in. It's a game changer and I'm also noticing the guilt/shoulds coming up from external programming. Whoa....So much to share, I hope this all makes sense!"..... S

"In rare occasions, you may meet a unique person who dramatically alters your perception of the world and of yourself ...

A couple of months before I was very stressed out and I wanted to let go what I was doing.

My relationship with husband was broken,

My son had noticed that I am too busy and spoke to me how he is feeling about it.

My close friends started drifting away, and I had no social life which I loved and enjoyed before.

I worked hard to get discovery calls booked, but it looked painful at some point.

I was totally burned out and began to feel physically weak and manifested stress symptoms on my body ...

My blood pressure was fluctuating, I had body aches and pains, gained weight, showed similar symptoms to diabetic, had lot digestive issue, etc.

I didn't want to dependent on medication rather believed in mind power to heal physical stuff.

I hated how I felt at that point in time.

Everything felt so different and out of alignment to me, and I began to notice changes in my emotions.I was angry,.frustrated and tired.

Wanted to leave my husband and didn't care much about my son's feelings.

I didn't care what my close friend (only two of them) were thinking time.

It felt I am as if I am on the mission of destruction to construct my Business...Which looked/sounded/felt imbalance to me.

I had a sense of accomplishment but wasn't happy at all......

There was a sense of satisfaction but didn't feel fulfilled at all....

I needed some sort of assurance that I am on the right path because it didn't feel right to me, so I sent a message to the universe that I am ready now show me, my teacher.

A week after I meet this amazing, extraordinary Kim Eibrink Jansen. As soon as I spoke to her, I knew she is my teacher sent by the universe.

The Universe is amazing!!

And working with her in last month, literally liberated me to live life unconditionally and enjoy the divine gift of abundance called life.

I am still working in and out my business, but I am not at all stressed out.

I am being who I wanted to be and doing what I wanted to do plus being guided means I am getting 17 clients calls booked, out of the blue moon.

I am enjoying this guided process more than the "should" and "must" do process.

I love her and her way of living being in alignment too.

All stress symptoms vanished and began feeling rejuvenated.

I didn't go for my health check up because I felt it's not needed now.

It's a lot easier to follow my heart than being pushed to do things because I never like being pushed as I believe it works short term but stresses me a lot and also it doesn't feel good as it is off my value alignment of leaving balanced life.

I am enjoying quality time with my husband and my son and also having my time for self-care.

Life feels like I am living now than just pretending that I am alive.

It is a lot easier now to see the beauty in living aligned with my values and soul purpose, and my being and doings are in sync.

I am so blessed to meet this person, and my life has been enriched by her wisdom about soul purpose and alignment.

Now I am being guided to be aligned to my purpose.

My life is going to be so different from now, and it's just the beginning.

⚡️⚡️"When a student is ready then teachers will appear"⚡️⚡️

If you want to know how to secure your sense of self and honor that your personal power base is not eroded by false symbols of power -money, sex, women .external authority and to develop your own intuitive abilities then you need to speak to this women.

Get in touch with her, and she will change your life.

I am so blessed to have you Kim in my life."

"I love our time together as I am growing faster Kim Eibrink Jansen I am loving my personal development. I should say I adore you " my soul sister!".....V

"This work is powerful." .....S

"I always enjoy our calls so much!" .....T

"Once again, amazing Kim was so helpful with her powerful skills!' ....S

"Living a Divinely Guided Life..."

Following your Divine Life Path

3 Month Program

If you are really wanting to start to live your life guided, to relax and start to receive what is part of your guided path,

then now is the time to make a difference in your life, and the lives of others,

simply by following the guidance you are being given.

In "A Divinely Guided Life"

you will work with me 1:1 each week over the next 3 months

where we will be using guidance from me and your team to move you

into a Divinely Guided Life

****** PLUS there is daily monitoring, messaging & work via our Universal Souls Facebook Group

******** PLUS a Weekly Reading from the Universe

******** A LIVE call with a guest speaker

******* That's 90 days of pure guidance work and monitoring of your progress....

with powerful rituals to follow..

********AND 12 x sessions with me to give you all the processes and work them into your day to day life and how to do this

******** Plus insights into your life purpose, your path plus how to access

and read your soul path and how to have daily meetings with your team...

How to live a Divinely Limitless Guided Life....

+ In the first month we clear all patterns, beliefs, trauma & pain using my Universal Mindset Technique...

+ Second month we start experimenting with the Universe applying universal laws & sublaws in our every day...

+ Third month is channelling guidance from the Universe and living life completely guided.

To join this program it is valued at over $4000 in total...

But just for you I am offering it to you for 3 x monthly payment plan of $444 per month...s

We will start immediately with you starting to live your Divinely Guided Life right away!!!

I can't wait to help you live this stress free and purposeful life!!! 😘😘😘😗

Follow your Guided Divine Life Path

Join here

$444 p/mth

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