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A 30 min session to learn the basics of UMT


"Kim entered my life at the perfect time. Kim's nature made me feel safe enough to open up and allow the guidance for healing.

The UMT program has shown me all the areas within me that needed some extra "help." Through this process I've learned to be easier on myself, how to access parts of myself that have been closed off for years and love those parts back to life.

I spent years feeling disconnected from my true self but because of UMT and Kim I am able to relearn myself and make the connection that has been missing for so long.

I am grateful for this opportunity and especially thankful to have connected with someone so supportive and loving." Alaina

"I originally came to see Kim to try and combat my fear of flying. something that had affected me for a long time. The flying was resolved quite easily and so when Kim suggested we work on some of my health issues I thought I would give it a go. I was very sceptical as I had been to so many different people to get help. i had seen a kinesiologist regularly and been given special tinctures,homeopathy and vitamins. I had been on chinese herbs and been having regular acupuncture.

I was suffering from pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) I had both my ovaries covered in cysts, wasn't ovulating or menstruating. I was suffering with hair loss anxiety and panic attacks, weight gain night sweats and insomnia.

My obgyn had put me on a contraceptive pill to regulate my cycle as my husband and I we trying for a baby but this didn't work and I went for 10 months without a period or conceiving.

My obgyn (one of the most reputable on the sunshine coast) then decided to put me on hrt (hormone replacement therapy) so a 32 year old fit otherwise healthy woman would be on medication for menopausal women with the most horrific side effects amongst all the risks associated with this medication.

Another suggestion was to go on metformin when I refused the is used to treat obese diabetics!

Then there was clomid to help me ovulate so I could conceive.

As you can imagine all of this added to my anxiety and depression.

I saw Kim for 6 sessions and touched on a variety of issues none that I thought would have any impact on my health! how could something so little from so long ago still be affecting how my body is functioning.

How could something someone said to me stop me from conceiving a baby?

Still sceptical but feeling somewhat better I kept up my appointments with Kim.i think there was one occasion that I messaged her and said I just couldn't be bothered anymore I was tired and sick of going over old "stuff" I would rather stay at home that day. She encouraged me to come back and said his is why you need to keep coming. so I did.

I had 5 sessions with Kim when I went back to the Dr with severe abdominal cramping (usually the pain I feel when cysts are bursting) and he referred me to have an ultrasound to see what was going on.

I was curious to see as well,the last ultrasound showed my right ovary to be enlarged and both left and right ovary were full of cysts.

To my husband and I we were very surprised to discover hat my left ovary had no cysts my right only had very minimal cysts and sitting very nicely in my left ovary was a beautiful follicle 22mm ready to be released any day.

It gives me goose bumps thinking about it!

My husband and I are expecting our darling girl in a month and we have a picture of her egg before it was even fertilised!

My husband and I are so great full for Kim and the work that I did with her.not only for our beautiful baby but also for my health.

Thank you Kim and good luck with with all your future EFT babies!!"

Thank you so much Sophia! Xo 😘

"(Child) had a speech he had to do at school today. Normally just thinking about him having to get up in front of his class I will feel nervous and sick in the stomach (not that I’ve ever told him that). Thanks to our clearing the other day I didn’t feel sick. Tonight we were talking over dinner and (Child) said that today was the first time he has ever done a speech where he felt comfortable and confident, but that he didn’t know why now he feels fine talking in front of his class. These energy clearings are pretty powerful! Jess"

"Whoa, Kim! What a roller coaster. My awareness has expanded SO much around presence. I am literally living moment to moment which has been AWESOME and a little disorienting, but I have to say my anxiety and fear has been much better. I'm very conscious of vibrating at a non-busy place, breathing more and reminding myself to slow down. Our session was so powerful. In addition to connecting with Who I Really Am, I would like to shift more into a vibration of abundance...It feels foreign to not be pounding out a to do list, but it also feels really great and you are so right about doing pleasurable things until the desire to work comes in. It's a game changer and I'm also noticing the guilt/shoulds coming up from external programming. Whoa....So much to share, I hope this all makes sense! Stephanie"

"Kim has changed my life forever! I met Kim just over a year ago now and my life was a mess, or so I thought :) I was completely miserable, stressed out, tired and a real jerk to be honest! I was mad about everything all the time and constantly fighting with everyone - especially my husband. I think Kim saved my marriage, something that years of counseling and therapy couldn't do! I sometimes wonder why my husband even loved me, I was that terrible, I blamed him for everything! She made me realize that I had all the power over my circumstances but more importantly over my thoughts and actions! So that eliminate the blame game because if I didn't like something, I now had the power to change it. With her help, I took my power back and decided to be happy and decided to write a new story that I call my life...and today, everything has changed and it's not so much that all of my problems are gone, but the way I perceive them are different and the way I handle them are different. And actually, many of my "problems" are just fears and stories I've told myself about what "could happen" rather than what's happening. She's helped me to live in the moment and I am now able to prioritize what I truly want in life and what's important to me. I feel for the first time ever, I'm living not just surviving! I am forever indebted to you Kim for your light, love and guidance." Steph 

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