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1 hour UMT Session with Kim

"Universal Mindset Technique" , or UMT, is a Healing Modality created by Kim Eibrink Jansen..

The Concept behind UMT stems from the idea that when we bring our mind, body & soul

back to its original way of being, then anything is possible.

Similar to when you cut your finger.

You don't "will it" to heal. It automatically heals itself.

Your Body is designed to Heal Itself..

So WHY is it not healing itself???

You are designed to be a "natural healer"

& naturally successful..

However there are things in the way that are stopping you, and your body, from naturally healing

and being the success you want.

The "thing" that is in the way of your natural ability to heal or have anything is usually difficult to find

because it is engrained in your subconscious mind & body.

And its been there for years.

With UMT we find it, and eliminate it.

The result is that your body heals naturally

and you can have and attract whatever you want...


So you may be Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Struggling..

May have injury or chronic issues..

You may have been sick for far too long...

Stressed & Overwhelmed for too long....


Stuck for too long....

And you have had enough...

Its time to get YOU back...

Bring back your inner Healing Power

Your natural inner strength

To create a personalised Healing System

to spark your inner ability to heal

with this amazing 1 hr Healing Session...

YOU are too important in this world

And your life is too short

To be living with these struggles..

In this 1 hour session we find out WHY this is happening

And get you back on track with healing your body & soul..




A Healing System that Works for you..

Created Your Way!!



Usually $350, ONLY $199!!


"Hi Lovely! I could seriously squeeze you so tight right now!

I just woke up for the first time that I can remember and I'm NOT in PAIN!!

There is a part of me that is waiting for it not to be real.

When I just thought that, I thought, this is just a thought.

Its NOT real. That isn't my reality anymore..."

Laurie Driggers

Health Coach

"Public Service Announcement:

If you haven't yet worked with Kim Eibrink Jansen,

do yourself a favour and get over there.

The woman is amazing, knows her shit and wayyy over-delivers.

TYSM, Kim!"

Rebecca Tsaros Dickson

The Coach for Coaches

"You are doing amazing work Kim.

I feel completely different today after our work yesterday.

I will need more of it after a while I think to peel a few other

layers of the onion.

Thank you so much."

AnYes Van Rhijn

Success Coach

"Working with Kim Eibrink Jansen!!

Hands down BEST part of my day!!!

If you haven't experienced her gifts you are missing out!

She's amazing and I am left in awe of what came up

and how clear I feel already.

All the questioning I have done this month about if I was enough

or had something that people were interested in, etc

All gone!

Thanks to Kim Eibrink Jansen!

Look out world,

Lamisha is baaaaaaack! xo"

Lamisha Self-Walls

Life Once Dreamt Life Coaching

So, what are you waiting for??

Don't waste one more second thinking you have no choice

You have no control

And no idea what the problem is


This is a 1 hour Session

So we will conduct this session on Zoom

Before the session I ask you to send me a brief on what is wrong

I will go through this before the session

And get any insights that I need prior to us meeting

Then during the session we will start with an overview on WHY these things are happening

And I will give you insights as to what benefit it has has served in your life

And what you were meant to learn from this

Where we will then discuss self management processes at home

And how you can not only continue the process at home

But the system I use as to what you do when something arises

And how to acknowledge and clear this in the future.....

I am giving you a PERFECT CHANCE to change all of your crap and step into our power and gifts


Don't look back and wish you had taken the chance

I look forward to seeing you move into a different and NEW reality..

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