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You are a Spirit, in a Human Body, having an Experience on Earth...

You are Committed to Growth & Evolution of Yourself & Others...

You have this drive inside to Learn More, Seek More, Be More....

And this yearning to Make a Difference to your own life,

and others, while you are here...

But being the Sensitive, Caring Person that you are,

you are struggling to deal with some of these Human Concepts:

- Emotions

- Time

- Having a Heavy Body

- Trying to Trust Implacably & Follow Intuition

- Fears & Failure

- Learned Behaviours

- Thought Patterns

- Money, Lack & Scarcity

- Relationships, Partnerships & Love

- Success, Productivity & Action

- Manifesting & Getting what you Want

- Putting Self First without being Selfish

- Inner Connection & Happiness

- Feeling Alone, Lost & Confused on your Path

- Not sure of the Future & where you are going...

Most of these things you are dealing with right now are

because you were given amnesia before you came here...

So you have forgotten who you are...and why you are here...

NOTHING is working

Feeling like you are the only one that is dealing with this stuff...

The Universal Masters is the ANSWER you have been looking for...

Taking you from where you currently are

to where you want to be...

This program was collectively co-created with the Universe

to shift our physical, emotional & spiritual DNA

to the levels of stuck, choice and infinite capacity and take up to remembering who we are...

why we are here...

and what we are doing....

In this program we work based on the 3 Levels of Ascension....

These concepts are just the start of what we are working on, together....

Combining tools, processes & connection to ourselves as greater beings in the Universe....

Months 1 & 2 - Life as a Human

  • What you think is true, isn’t true at all
  • Clearing all hurts, pain & traumas past & present
  • Clearing all beliefs not aligned with who you are
  • Clearing all learnings from family, school, society that aren’t your truth
  • Clearing physical & emotional blocks
  • Clearing all patterns & behaviours that don’t feel good
  • Clearing old meanings attached to bad, wrong and judgement
  • Clearing ancestral lineage & past life
  • Dealing with anxiety, overwhelm depression, sadness...
  • Acknowledging Coping Mechanisms that no longer serve you (and are in fact holding you back)
  • Dealing with emotions in a physical body
  • Dealing with others in your life who you have life contracts with
  • Making Money
  • Being Successful
  • Rules, Boundaries & Experiences
  • Healing
  • Ascension Concepts and what is really happening to us on this planet
  • Physical symptoms is ascension & how to deal with them through expanded consciousness
  • Learning unlimited life tools along the way as we clear to use in your everyday life

Months 3 & 4 - Life as a Spiritual Being in a Human Body

  • Learning and acknowledging all the messages & signs available to us
  • Learning to listen to divine guidance available to us all
  • Learning to trust & act on the guidance given by Living Life Guided
  • You are already perfect, everything is already perfect.
  • Control is killing us
  • Needs & Wants, Shoulds & Have Tos
  • Mirror... what life is showing you on the outside and how is it a direct reflection of who we are inside...
  • How to change others and our own external realities
  • Vibration, frequency & measurement
  • The constant child within
  • How to deal with, feel & use Energy
  • Dealing with heavy or negative energy/people
  • Dealing with being Empathic a d how to stop picking up other peoples stuff
  • Protecting yourself is so 3D and not required here
  • Connections with self, others & the Universe
  • Your Life as the Ultimate Case Study

Months 5 & 6 - Life as a Universal Being on Earth

  • How are you One with everything in the Universe?
  • Universal concepts & who you really are
  • Acknowledgement, awareness & observation
  • The Power Of Now and how to stay there
  • Manifesting
  • Perceptions
  • Existence
  • Oneness with everything
  • Resistance & Allowing
  • Moving examples of how to deal with “bad” situations with our new Universal Mindset
  • Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings
  • You aren’t from here,
  • Ownership is a are only a visitor
  • What happens when we die
  • Consciousness and how to shift from one level to another through thought
  • Time - Past, Present & Future
  • Quantum Physics and truth
  • Your soul & where in you he Universe it exists currently
  • The different dimensions and playing in each level (incl working with future & parallel selves)
  • Telepathy...the new level of communication in this dimension
  • Unlimited pathways
  • Future of the planet & where you fit in
  • Changing the World 

This is a 6 month program where, for 1 hour a week, meet and use tools and processes to move through all these concepts, and more, taking you to another level in your evolutionary growth as a spiritual being having a human experience during this Ascension Process...

You will learn so much about yourself, about life and about yourself AS one with the Universe... 

Universal Masters Program


value $4800

Join the Program NOW for only $2222


value $800

Join the Program NOW for only $444 per mth

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