Kim Eibrink Jansen

Kim Eibrink Jansen          Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist



Imagine this day...

Us walking along the beach together....

Chatting about life and the big picture Universal Stuff 

with 3 other Soul Sisters where we get to know each other and our journeys in life....

We'll come back to a luxury suite where we are greeted with a fresh fruit mocktail 

and have a glorious foot cleanse & scrub, moisturise and slippers...

ready for our Mini Spiritual Retreat together...

A gift pack awaits with goodies for you including a purposefully chosen Angel or Oracle Card Deck & Crystal Pendulum 

all chosen specifically by me and your spiritual team prior......

and ready for us to energise & tune into your energy to use during the day.. 

Plus a beautiful journal & pen for you to write notes and 

pencils for sketching and drawing during the session...

We will sit in the luxurious lounge room where we will all...

- Bring in your Main Spirit Guides...we will meet them, talk to them, receive a message from each one and what their purpose is in your life.. You will draw a sketch of them as you see them...

- I'll teach you 10 Life Changing Tools that will get you through anything life throws at you...which you can use on yourself and others

- Do a deep energy cleansing & clearing of old energy blocks & beliefs ready to welcome future abundance to come your way

- Conduct a deep Inner Self Connection and tune into your Inner Voice

- Peel away all the human layers and reconnect you to your Universal Source Energy (or Soul) at a level so deep you will know what it feels like to BE at One with the Universe and everything in it..

- We will then go into some Psychic Readings and have a Chat with the Universe to give us all the answers to what lies ahead in the future..

- Have a Healing by my Psychic Doctors

- And finish with setting our Intentions and a ceremony to release them into the Universe....with directions for our next step on our Journey called Life...

You will form not only a beautiful strong relationship with me, yourself, and your Spiritual Team, 

but the Soul Sisters who will join you on this journey of self discovery 

which will be perfectly aligned by the Universe..

A luscious lunch will also be included and all drinks for the day..

This Spiritual Healing Mini Retreat has been in my dreams for a while now...and they are coming to fruition..

I can't wait to do this with you!!



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