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You and your child's bond is so incredibly strong.

I love that about working with so many beautiful mothers...

The love for their children is one that is built on instinct..

Primal instinct..

But sometimes that connection with our children can be harming them..

Our children are so sensitive..

They "pick up" stress, anxiety, unhappiness, overwhelm...

Not to mention genetic or generational patterns that may not suit them, but they are learning from what you have learnt.

Break the cycle and have child and mother sessions..

These sessions don't require the kids to be there..

We work telepathically with them..

But what we also do

Is deal with YOUR issues as well as helping them..

You will be surprised when we test you and your kids

How much of YOUR stuff the kids are taking on..

Its no one's fault, though, so don't blame yourself..

Its just a part of this beautiful connection you have with them..

Your children love you, and you love them..

The biggest gift you can give them

Is the GIFT OF YOU!!

Not only will they have a happy mummy...

But you will have a happy child too

As a result of YOU looking after YOU..

Join me as part of the Mother & Children Program

Where not only do we help the children

But we help you at the same time..

Its a Win/Win for all...

The Mother & Children Program

runs for 4 weeks...

Working 1:1 with you as the mother the entire time

Plus one 15 minute session with the child to teach them new tools

To take them through life confidently!

Working 1:1 with Kim...

In that time you will see an amazing difference between YOUR LIFE and your CHILDREN's Life as well..


1 X MONTH @ $199 p/mth for 4 months

2 X MONTH @ $398 p/mth for 2 months

4 X MONTH @ $796 for 1 month

Book below and you will receive a calendar to reserve a time that suits you..

Looking forward to helping you both.. Kim xo

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