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"The Secret...
The Answers....


Are available to you...

right now

Its time to Listen to the nudges

 to guide you fully in your Life

However they look to you...

EVERYTHING is a blessing....

and an opportunity..."

You are currently on a Quest in Life....

You are a Seeker of Growth, Evolving and Learning about Life..


You are looking for something, some kind of change...

Looking for the next step..

But you are unsure where to start, or what to do...

And may even feel a bit stuck...


In your Life you may have experienced pain, trauma or struggle..

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally...

Which has been the catalyst to you seeking the TRUTH...


This seeking might be the key to you Healing within your Mind, Body & Soul..

But you aren't entirely sure...

And you simply have no answers on where to start or how to go about it....


The Way the Universe works is it aligns Energy with Energy...

And takes you on a Journey, your Soul Path

Presenting People, Places & Experiences

That are meant to help you to grow and evolve along the Way...


It is no coincidence that you are here, right now....

Because something drew you here...whatever it was...

It is always for a Reason....


Kim is the GO TO "Soul Mechanic"

for many of her clients from all around the world.

Her clients include Hollywood Actors & Actresses,

Film Producers, Writers, Healers & Psychics...

just to name a few...

"Working with Kim is

Deep Spiritual & Soul Work...."


If you want to know more about why things are happening

Why you are here

And how to change your life

Kim is the person to see...


The ultimate journey of self discovery....


self healing...

self empowerment...

self awareness...

self management of your own life...








Naturally Occurs


Everything "works"

Manifesting doesn't exist, because you have everything you ever wanted..


And you shift from where you are

To where you want to be...

Kim Eibrink Jansen xo

Life, Spirituality & Universal Mindset Strategist

Spiritual Teacher, Mentor & Universal Messenger

Master Spiritual Healer, Psychic, EFT, Past Lives

Energy Worker, Soul Healing

Spiritual Growth & Awakening

Living A Guided Life

Founder of the Universal Mindset Technique & Investigative Tapping


What her clients say...

Sarah Jordon

North Carolina, USA

"I highly recommend Kim and her amazing Smash your Blocks service. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Kim. She helped me clear a decades long phobia in just one session last year. She is truly talented, compassionate and feels like a dear friend. Thanks Kim for all you do!"

Alaina Marie

New York, USA

"I just wanted to show some love and appreciation to Kim Eibrink Jansen as I truly see the results of our UMT sessions coming to fruition in my life. The blocks that were found and cleared have lightened me. I am slowly overcoming the phobias I have and there has been significant progress in my relationship since our sessions. I am a happier person. Both areas of my life felt stuck for a long time. I believe people show up in your life when you're ready and need them the most so if you're here too (with her), you will feel it 💗." 

Rachel Dehler

Montana, USA

"As someone who has dabbled in every method of healing imaginable,

I can honestly say working with Kim has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had.

Her approach is thorough, heartfelt and life-altering. After one session, I felt a huge energetic shift. I was lighter, freer and much more aware of my creative power. Her impeccable insight, along with applying the techniques she taught me, has allowed me to step back into the intuitive and psychic gifts I have repressed since childhood. She’s the real deal, a miracle worker, and a goddess in her field."

Maru Iabichela
Texas, USA

Dear Kim,

You are the living representation of love and soul filled being. Thank you so much for your generous time and care towards clearing so much from my past. I am so eager and ready to own my success and start feeling successful every minute of every day. I cannot wait to start flooding your inbox with wow coincidences, amazing news, etc!!! Look forward to staying in touch! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Xoxo Maru

Marisa Welcome

Melbourne, Australia

"My breakthrough on Friday Kim Eibrink Jansen served me exceptionally well and if I tell you the things that happened to me you wouldn't believe it!!"

Vidya Patil

Manchester, UK

"Though the answers are within sometimes those answers can be an illusion of our conscious mind. I have suffered from this illusion for 30 years and now I know how to connect to my higher self to find the authentic answers within. And it wouldn't have been possible without Kim Eibrink Jansen's help.

Now I have learned how to search answers within and to gain the confidence to trust my answers more and more each week because they are mirroring whats coming from me. Thank you Kim."

Sarah Flanagan

Lancaster, UK

"I have worked with Kim and found out things about myself I could never in a million years have imagined.

Looking back, I realise I have been on a journey of self discovery for the last twenty years and being guided to Kim has made it all make sense. Instead of feeling like I am stuck and being pushed down all the time, today I feel as though I am propelled along into a new path to a wonderful future.

Cant wait for our next appointment next week Kim. xoxox"

Steph Cease

Los Angeles, USA

"Kim has changed my life forever! I met Kim just over a year ago now and my life was a mess, or so I thought :) I was completely miserable, stressed out, tired and a real jerk to be honest! I was mad about everything all the time and constantly fighting with everyone - especially my husband. I think Kim saved my marriage, something that years of counselling and therapy couldn't do! I sometimes wonder why my husband even loved me, I was that terrible, I blamed him for everything! She made me realise that I had all the power over my circumstances but more importantly over my thoughts and actions! So that eliminate the blame game because if I didn't like something, I now had the power to change it. With her help, I took my power back and decided to be happy and decided to write a new story that I call my life...and today, everything has changed and it's not so much that all of my problems are gone, but the way I perceive them are different and the way I handle them are different. And actually, many of my "problems" are just fears and stories I've told myself about what "could happen" rather than what's happening. She's helped me to live in the moment and I am now able to prioritise what I truly want in life and what's important to me. I feel for the first time ever, I'm living not just surviving! I am forever indebted to you Kim for your light, love and guidance." Steph 



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