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"Kim Eibrink Jansen is one of the world's most celebrated Spiritual Advisors, Teachers & Healers of our time!"

"I seriously know some of the most AMAZING people on this planet and my lovely friend Kim Eibrink Jansen is one of them.

I met Kim years ago through a program we both participated in and have worked with her throughout the years.

Her work is truly life-changing and I just had the most amazing session with her!!

After a session with Kim at the end of last year is when I began to heal from the man trying to break into our home last summer... The process with her literally changed me!

I HIGHLY recommend following her on FB and working with her if you get the chance.

You’ll thank me (and probably hug me reeeaaally tight for recommending her) when you do. xo"

Here are some ways that Kim can work with you...

1 hour Healing Session

UMT or EFT Session


Past Lives

Remote Healings & Clearings

Spiritual Growth

Meet your Guides

Spiritual (Mental) Illness

Distance Remote House Clearings

Live Life Guided

Spiritual Advisor

Negative & Dark Energy Clearings

Virtual Spiritual Retreat

Universal Masters

If you aren't sure what you need, send Kim an email to with details on what you need assistance with and Kim will advise what the best way would be to help you moving forward..

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