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Remote Distance Healings & Clearings

"Remote Distance Healing and Clearings are what I specialise in and really love.."

I have the uncanny ability to connect with anyone with any issue to find out what it is that is really going on with their body and mind.

This style of working I absolutely LOVE, as I focus purely on the problem straight away. Rather than talking for hours. I connect with your energy field, then I talk to your mind, body, guides and spirit who guide me as to what the problem is and what we need to do to clear it...

To me it is a journey of discovery so we can really pin point exactly what is going on and why....

What do you do?

I connect with your energy, then I go into your body and "feel" where imbalances or blockages are..

It is a Body Scan process where I can literally see inside your body and also see what is going on...

I have great guidance gifted to me about what we need to do...

- If there is injury, pain or any physical discomfort, I usually feel it in my body when I am working so I know when it is gone..

- If there is a metaphysical issue, I find out what it is and clear it..

- If there is pain or associated trauma from the past trapped in your subconscious and body, I can clear this as well.

- If something needs to be removed, I perform a process similar to Psychic Surgery where we can remove the items from your body remotely..

- If I am guided to, I can go into your Soul Records (called Akashic Records) if there is a soul reason for the physical issue to ensure the soul blueprint is clear and that there are no outstanding contracts that need to be cancelled for you to move on.

There are over 50 techniques I use to clear energy...whatever your issue requires I will be called to use that particular option.

At the end I strengthening your energy to help you heal and move forward with renewed confidence.

If you have other issues that you want to clear and change outside of yourself (ie behaviour, bullying, sleeping issues etc) that is all fine and treated the same as a normal distance clearing. I can connect with any energy anywhere to get the results I need..

How does it work??

3 Easy steps...

1/ I will email you and ask you a few questions on what the problem is

2/ Confirming what time I can do this clearing from my office (this is prearranged on booking)

3/ And I provide a briefing on what I did, what I found and what I cleared....

I recommend when I do the healing that you are either asleep or doing something that is keeping you occupied. This allows your conscious mind to keep busy doing what it does while I work with the subconscious.

What will I experience??

During your clearing may feel or experience the following:

- You will feel a wave of energy flow through your body

- Feel Dizzy or light headed

- Tingles in your body or things "moving" around as they clear

- An amazing lightness and release of heaviness

- Excited or Happy for no reason

- You may yawn or burp a lot as the energy clears

- You may also feel emotional all of a sudden for no reason, then feel it pass just as quickly as it comes up.

That is the old emotion being bought to the surface, then clearing.

- A little discomfort if psychic surgery is conducted. Don't worry, this does pass.

I will also send you through a self care process after the clearing for you to undertake for 24-48 hours after the clearing so your body and energy can rebalance...

Don't put up with anything you don't want in your life... if you are here, well its time for it to go....


I can't wait to help you, Kim xo


"WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW, Kim !!!!! PSYCHIC SURGERY is new to me and IT IS AAAAWWWWEESOME!!!! OMFG!! I am in total awe!!

WWWOOOWWW. My foot feels better!!! Guess it was an old break but i never knew! I can stand on my toes again!! Amazing! Feel perfect. Slept well. Looking forward to see how this goes!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" VANESSA

"WOW. Blown away. I am SOOOO appreciative - Kim is just fabulous - beyond words. 'Thank you' isn't even sufficient." ANGIE

"My experience with Kim's remote clearing was quite unique and the info that she received was a little surprising but felt a real connection with this past life issue and brought up some deep emotions up like it this was a present experience. As I read the report I felt a connection and strong emotions and felt so true and a feeling like I did know her and almost know what she looks like which seems weird. I am feeling lighter and some what hopeful. I just signed up to a social network for singles which host events. in general I do feel less anxious about things I felt lighter and had some closure from this past life issue. Thanks Kim" GREG

"First and foremost, THANK YOU. (My son) has been lighter since you began working on him, but it will be interesting to see how he is the next few days. Thats great. He is different! He is lighter, easier, friendlier, content!!! We just got back from (son's) therapist and he told her on a scale of 1-10 his anxiety/ depression is barely even a 2! Before he rated himself a 9/10. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" KAT

"In the 2 weeks leading up to my wedding, I started developing a pimply type rash on my face and neck. Every day I'd wake up, have a look in the mirror and it would be a little bit worse. Having never have suffered from acne or bad skin before, I was pretty mortified that this was happening, but quickly figured out it was a physical reaction to the stress and anxiety I was feeling (or rather suppressing).

Kim knew about the rash and my increasing stress levels and a couple of days before the big day, kindly asked to do a remote session for me. Almost immediately my skin improved. And quickly. In just 2 days my skin was almost back to normal. Before the session, I felt overwhelmed, nervous, and unbelievably stressed. The day before my wedding, whilst I still felt nervous, I no longer felt overwhelmed, and started to really look forward to everything again.

On the day of, I woke up calm, happy, relaxed and ready, and with clear skin! I was completely stress free. The changes I felt were quite unbelievable. And the fact that all this happened remotely, without me actually having to do anything, is even more amazing! I really can't thank you enough Kim! By removing all those negative thoughts and feelings, I was able to truly enjoy my wedding day and it really was the best day of my life!

I would recommend this to anyone going through a tough time, regardless of the situation."


"Since Wednesday, I’ve been feeling much lighter, incredibly positive and full of beans, raring to go, so thank you for shifting my block that has been haunting me for so long. I will know where to come the next time I feel I have a block and will definitely point others in your direction!" ANNA

"Recently I had the misfortune I walking into a paper wasps nest; I suffered 10 bad stings on my face & neck which started to sting & itch immediately. I rang local Doctors who said to "Apply ice and take a double dose of anti –histamines" The drugs were not suitable as I have a heart condition and anti- histamines make my heart race uncomfortably. I was due to leave for work in 2 hours – what to do?? I had a rapidly swelling face and intense itching! I was in a dilemma….. Who would assist with my Wedding clients that day if I was unable to be there? A quick ring around and I sourced a work colleague to step in if I was incapable of doing my job!

Time was of the essence, I had posted a photo of my rapidly swelling bites onto Facebook and a few friends gave conflicting advice "Yes use ice" "No don’t use ice"…... etc, etc.

Not a good situation then Kim contacted me and told me to do some remote work.

Kim said she would assist remotely before too long I was physically sick and sweating profusely, Kim was in touch with me all the time. After an hour the swelling subsided and I was able to get myself ready for work. No- one would have even noticed that I had been extremely unwell and had a swollen face a few hours earlier! All well that’s ends well and I was in many photos with not a sign that I had been an itchy, scratchy mess a few hours earlier! Thanks Kim!" ANNE 

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