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Dark Negative Energy & Entities are actually quite common in society

and around 99% of people have some kind of bad, old and negative energy attached to them.

Symptoms of this are:

-Deep or Chronic Depression

-Not feeling yourself or suddenly acting or feeling strange or out of character

-A Heaviness - whether in your mood or a physical heaviness (usually on your back, heart or stomach)

-Feeling "dark" or like a dark cloud is covering you

-Hearing voices in your head that dont sound like something you would say

-Voices in your head that say the same threatening thing like "I'm going to get you", "You are hopeless/worthless etc" and in particular swearing at yourself in your mind

-A massive feeling of unhappiness and hopelessness.....a "Why go on" feeling.... Suicidal....

-Wanting to hurt others

-Feeling an icy cold feeling run over your body

-Loss of Self Confidence


-All of a sudden unlucky or attracting massive bad luck.... ie car accidents etc

-Feeling someone is watching you

-Irrational fears, anger & sorrow

-Seeing dark shadows in the corner of your eye

-Sensing a dark or heavy presence near you

-Obsessive thoughts that wont go away

-Drink alcohol to feel better or to keep the voices quiet

And Health Issues tell us that you may have negative energies attached to you if you suffer:

-Chronic Illness, Disease or Sickness

-Chronic Aches and Pains, especially in joints

-Chronic Fatigue

-No energy

-Stabbing pain or heaviness in solar plexis stomach or heart

All for no apparent reason and no medical cause....

And you are susceptible if you:

-Have had surgery (this "cuts" into your protective aura)

-Had abuse or bullying

-Been around constant negative personalities


-Drug Use and Smoking

-Alcohol Use

-Been in a large group of people and felt exhausted after the event

-Been in massive amounts of pain....they thrive on pain....

-Been in a relationship or bought up by narcisisstic personalities

There is also a sudden lack of energy or fatique which can be a result of "Energy Vampires" - again where other people "SUCK" the energy out of you. This means your Aura has a crack or opening for energy to be SUCKED out of you, or for negative energy to get in...

Dark and Negative Energies are usually sent unintentially by other people in different situations, similar to a virus, where your outer layer of protection (or Aura) is weakened as mentioned above..

In this session with Kim, she clears as many negative energies that she finds (yes you can have more than one), banishes them, then stregthens your aura and inner energy.

As well as gives you exercises that you can do at home to keep your energy strong and your aura protected at all times.

You will also be given advice on how to protect yourself, others in your life and your home or living environment....

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