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The Universal Journey

Coaching Group

Live your Life, Your Way

Learning Tools and Universal Processes

To get through life, each week...

This is your Online Coaching Support Group...  

To Live Your Truth, after years of living a lie and other people's ideal lives, is really tough.

People in your real world don't understand you.

And you want to start to live again.

To get YOU back.

With no more struggle, fears or anxiety.

To get the success and abundance that you deserve.

You need a place you can hang out in where you can start to open up and release all the lies and to connect with your own truth.

And to Live It!

And to learn how to get the answers to your own life so you can start to LIVE it!

And find your Inner Happiness once more!

Join this nurturing Coaching & Support Group

where you come online in our group every week with Kim to discuss and share the difficulties in life,

so that she can advise how you can overcome it YOUR WAY..

With LIVE lessons and strategies that you can use right away!

Start to bring your power, belief, self esteem and trust in yourself back and live the life you were meant to live. 

How does it work???

Every week on Wednesday at 5.30am Perth Time (see time converter here) you will come online into our Virtual Meeting Room on Zoom which is all set up prior to our call.

You will see a screen similar to the one below with all the faces of your beautiful support team run by Kim Eibrink Jansen..

Here we will discuss experiences we are going through and how to get the answers to some of the things we are experiencing..

You will find that even if you don't have anything to say on the call, you will be able to resonate with someone else's question or experience that may be similar to your own. And you can draw on the information that was discussed as a NEW AHA MOMENT with new information that you can take and use in your own life..

In these calls Kim will also share with you strategies, tools and amazing resources that will help you get on your feet and get moving in the right direction..

You can also post your experiences in our Facebook Group to get support from Kim

and your support team to help your find your way through your own Universal Journey 24/7...

This is a great option if you want to work with Kim more intimately but maybe can't afford to see her 1:1

or you may have already had a 1:1 Session and want to continue this Universal Journey together

in a low cost group format...

Who is The Universal Journey Coaching Group for....

This Group is great if you are finding that you are having to "deal" with day to day issues..

You may get Overwhelmed, Stressed, Struggle, Unhappy or Unsatisfied with Life

and would like a Weekly Coaching Session to help you through...

You are sick of people treating you a certain way or recurring patterns..

If you are stuck in patterns and just want to get out of them...

If you want to learn more Life & Coping Tools...

If you want to be successful but don't know how..

If you are searching for the answers to life's questions...but don't know how...

If you know you have something special inside of you, but don't know how to find it...

If you want to make a change in your life, but don't know the way to do it...

We are all here to help you....

About the Group....

This online support group is run by Kim Eibrink Jansen, Internationally renowned Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Healer and Advisor...

And is the founder and developer of the Universal Life Coach of the revolutionary The Way...

Kim has been working on Self and Human Development for over 30 years and developed and trained in many modalities with numerous Life Tools to share with you all!!!

Her BIG picture philosophy around everything that happens to us and embracing the Universal Laws that govern our world, enables those who follow her practices to "step out of" their adversity and move forward in their lives. Her teachings to help them use their own Psychic Communications and Universal Messages as their guide, and having access to over a hundred different ways to deal with our day to day issues, Kim believes that we can all get the answers to anything we need to know, which enables them to move through life smoothly while manifesting absolutely anything they could ever need.

Health, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Success, Weight...whatever.....

These "issues" are the vehicle to not only changing lives for the better, but also a way that we can change others lives in the process and developing our own life purpose in the process...

Life is easy and there is no should, have to or need to.

Her work showcases how we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we can ever want following these techniques.

Kim is the creator and author of the "Universal Handbooks" Series, plus she runs many online programs including the Universal Business, Universal Life, Universal Magic School, Spiritual Growth & Development Program, Universal Tapping & Healing Club plus Distance Clearing & Psychic Reading Circle.. all showing people how to connect to their inner and outer wisdom, clear their issues and move forward into a purposeful life...

Referred to by her clients as their "Secret Weapon" and the "Body Whisperer", Kim is an Advisor to personalities in the public, high profile business, leaders and celebrities.

Kim will share with you insights not only on a Universal Level but everywhere in between....


The VALUE of any group like this

is usually in excess of

$150-$200 per month.....

And to have 4 x sessions with Kim a month

is $796 per month..

But for this group

You can join these group sessions

And the priceless Facebook Page..

For only

$19 per week*! OR $75 per month*!!

Limited numbers apply....

$19 Week*


$75 Month*

Or why not get 2 groups in a Bundle for a greatly discounted rate?

Universal Journey Coaching Group + An Epic Universal Journey Bundle for only $99 / month*!!

Join the Universal Journey Coaching Group NOW

be supported, learn how to empower yourself with the Universe and change your LIFE!!!

* Prices are in USD

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