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Welcome to the Universal Business School "Collective Members" Page...

Here you will find all the course content if you ever need to download, listen or review any part of the program....

If you have any problems with any of the links etc please email me at

So lovely to have you part of our beautiful Collective!


The Universal Business - Introduction

How the Universal Business was born - My Story

The Universal Business Model


Motivational Videos we watched this week:


How to Deal with Anything, BE Universal Energy, Live in the NOW and Manifest Anything, How to Live in the Now, I can't Stop Worrying about Making Money, How to get from Struggle Street to Abundance Ave, But I dont get Messages or Downloads!, OK, whats the next step Then? What if I Change my Mind?, I need to know the Outcome, What if Someone else has the Same Idea, Everything is Energy, When things go Wrong, ACTION Homework...

Notes Week 6

LIVE Classroom Session - Video and Audio

Inspiring Words from Oprah

Frequencies - Full Movie - a film where a high frequency girl experiments with a low frequency male....

Poem - Do I need Money??? Channelled by Kim Eibrink Jansen 


Your Universal Team, How to measure success, But how, if we are having fun, are we changing the world? But I'm a Hermit??? What should I call myself, Self Sabotage, How do I know when I'm triggered, Massive responsibility around purpose...


The Secret to Life of Highly Evolved Beings and how this is going to change our lives and the planet

Notes Week 8

LIVE Classroom Session - Video and Audio

To do this week:

1. Watch the movies above

2. Post here or anywhere with hashtag ‪#‎abundancerituals‬ things that you are doing that feel awesome!!! Whether a photo or just a comment..For Sherry they will be Periscopes!!! Have fun with them and share with us some really cool ways to make your day awesome and feeling abundant!

3. Do your Daily TO DO Fun Schedule every night before bed (or in the morning) and next to each thing you have TO DO, write down how you are going to make it FUN!!

Plus add your Inspired Ideas and Actions as well to unload them so you can receive your Inspired Guidance as to what to do with them..

4. Spend 15 minutes filling out your 90 Day Vision Plan, then stick it up on your wall...


Next steps in setting up your Universal Business


Universal Business Project

Notes Week 15

Live Classroom Session - Video and Audio


Universal Business

The Last few things holding you back

Daily Work 

Live Classroom Session - VIDEO & Audio


Creating your own Universal Business

And bringing back Self Trust

Live Classroom Session - Video & Audio 


Universal Business THE FINALE

Dealing with Upper Limits the Universal Business Way

Final Recap of the last 18 Weeks of the Universal Business 

Live Classroom Session 

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