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Thank you for your booking!

Directions for your Remote Distance Healing and Clearing...

"Thank you so much for your recent booking

for a Remote Distance Healing and Clearing..

I am looking forward to helping you move through your issues

and can do this all while you sleep!"

What will I do for you?

At the pre-arranged time, I connect with your energy, then I go into your body and "feel" where imbalances or blockages are..

If there is injury, pain or any physical discomfort, I usually feel it in my body when I am working so I know when it is gone..

If I am guided to, I go into your Soul Records (called Akashic Records) if there is a soul reason for the physical issue to ensure the soul blueprint is clear and that there are no outstanding contracts that need to be cancelled for you to move on.

Any trauma from the past will be cleared relevant to the issue.

There are over 50 techniques I use to clear energy...whatever your issue requires I will be called to use that particular option.

At the end I strengthening your energy to help you heal and move forward with renewed confidence.

If you have other issues that you want to clear and change outside of yourself (ie behaviour, bullying, sleeping issues etc) that is all fine and treated the same as a normal distance clearing. I can connect with any energy anywhere to get the results I need..

How does it work??

3 Easy steps… if you can please undertake the following that would be fantastic!

1/ If you can send me through what your issue/issues are and what you would like cleared or help with to

2/ Your booking time will be arranged on the below link.

You don’t need to be anywhere or do anything. I will do this for you entirely remotely.

3/ I will provide a report on what I did, what I found and what I cleared....

I recommend when I do the healing that you are either asleep or doing something that is keeping you occupied. This allows your conscious mind to keep busy doing what it does while I work with the subconscious.

I also recommend after the clearing time (or when you wake up) for you to undertake the following SELF CARE regime to help your body rebalance 12-24 hrs after the clearing..

What will you experience??

During your clearing may feel or experience the following:

- You will feel a wave of energy flow through your body

- Feel Dizzy or light headed

- Tingles in your body or things "moving" around as they clear

- An amazing lightness and release of heaviness

- Excited or Happy for no reason

- You may yawn or burp a lot as the energy clears

- You may also feel emotional all of a sudden for no reason, then feel it pass just as quickly as it comes up.

That is the old emotion being bought to the surface, then clearing.

- A little discomfort if psychic surgery is conducted. Don't worry, this does pass.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Otherwise I look forward to sending you through all the results of what I find!

Book your allocated clearing time here 

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