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Universal Quantum Leap Group

Each week we travel to a Different Time,

a Different Universe,

a Different Dimension...

To connect with Alternate & Parallel YOU's,

Higher Beings, Ascended Masters plus more...

To get MORE answers from them

To embrace the ENERGY they give us

To help SHIFT the Planet to new levels

And to make a DIFFERENCE here on Earth..


is designed for Talented and Advanced Healers all around the World..

Who are ready for the next step in their journey

of working at a higher level in higher dimensions.

Each Week we will travel to a new dimension

to get more answers and find out our next steps for what we want to achieve for the week..


This is a Weekly group with two different processes on alternating weeks..

Each Alternate Tuesday at 5am Perth Time

Kim facilitates each call - she will ask each person what they would like to know.

Then as a group she will take you to your different dimensions in a visualisation

and connect you with the person or being that you wish to get more information from.

You will have a conversation with the person/being and discuss your awareness and answers with them.

Kim will come into each individual "meeting" check and make sure all is going well,

if there is any other questions that need to be asked and connecting to the next steps that are required.

Then on the other Alternate Tuesday will be focused on working with SOURCE energy as a WHOLE group

and speaking to the energies up there collectively as to our purposes here on Earth.

Its like meeting up with your SOUL FAMILY each week!!

Its one of the most powerful groups she runs..

There is NO LIMITS here...

Be prepared to go where ever it takes and to do whatever we need to do to get you where you want to go...

Conducted on Zoom, this weekly Club will be one of the most powerful groups you will ever be a part of!

Only $200 a month!

We will also chat and provide support in an online forum on our Facebook Group Page.

So come join us and tap along with this amazing group of talented people!!

* Weekly 2hr Online Session plus Facebook Support plus extras

* The Universal Quantum Leap Group is either an ongoing monthly subscription...

Stay or Leave as you choose..

As this group us limited in numbers there will be a waiting list when you leave..


And start REALLY working with the Universe!

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