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What you need to know if you have Money Issues....


Its the word on everyone's lips at the moment....

I want money, I need money, I don't have enough money, I'm stuck with no way to bring in money....

And I know EXACTLY what that all feels like...

There is desperation, stuck, frustration, shame, fear plus much much more...

I always used to say "If I can get through this, I can get through anything"

So here I am, and I want to hand on a few tips on what made a big difference to my money situation and how I "got out of it"....


If you have acknowledged that you are have issues with money, that is stage 1.


The acknowledgement opens you up to accepting that something needs to change.

It ignites a part of you that says "Something needs to change and I am going to find out what it is"...

It opens your receptors to receiving the information that will help you get through and opens up your awareness of what is possible and what can I do?


When you realise that adversity is just a part of life, can you move through it quicker..

I have had so many clients say to me "I have been working on myself for the last 20 years, when is this going to end??"

It doesn't end...

It never ends..

Because Adversity is just another word for "LIfe School"...

You will be working on yourself every day, learning more about yourself and why you are here

Learning more about the World, the Universe and People..

And where you fit in this puzzle...

Adversity never ends....but it can change form...

Once you accept that every day of your life you will be learning more about yourself and about life..

You can let go of the "trying to get there"...

The "Trying to get to a ficticious place called THERE" is just that, it doesn't exist..

When you know in your heart and soul that you are going to wake up every day

And learn something new from yourself

From experiences

From others

And from, well, Life, you can let go of this ficticious fascination of having "the perfect life" and that you aren't there yet..

I get excited about every day... I wonder "what can I learn from today that I didnt know yesterday?"

And I'll tell you, I learn heaps. More than I could EVER have thought I could learn.

Because I am open to learning. 

I am open to receiving the gift in adversity..

And I look forward to the challenge. 

Because learning is fun. Learning about yourself, learning about the Universe, WOW it is so much fun!!

So make each day the day that you learn something new..

What this does is it allows you to take bite size pieces of what is going on in your life, rather than trying to swallow it whole and get through it quickly..

Taking baby steps through each day will enable you to break down this BIG ADVERSITY and allow you to act on it little by little...

You have no idea that by taking a baby step every day, how that looks after 10 days, 20 days, 30 days...

Imagine if you took baby steps every day for a year!!!

365 changes you have made in your life will certainly make a difference to your life.

And you will find that ADVERSITY isnt actually that bad.

In fact, its quite fun to use it as my own little CSI game to find our more about myself and the world at large...


Before you came onto this planet, you signed an agreement with yourself on how you think your life is going to be... for you to learn the most..

You watched your life unfold on a screen with snippets here and there of what it looks like...

In fact, you had up to 3 or more options to choose from...


This life you are living was the most interesting to you...

Because it had all the beautiful situations in it which enabled you to learn more about yourself

And to get over things you had held onto from past lives..

So in this life, you CHOSE your circumstance...

Once you can own this, you can release the meaning it had around it for you..

What it also does, is it takes you out of the VICTIM mentality and into VICTOR

Because you now have choices on how you can deal with this situation..

You can CHOOSE to simply see this as a game. A challenge...

When you see your life simply as a game that you thought would be FUN then it looses its seriousness, it becomes lighter...

And that everything in it (good or bad) was all meant to happen for a reason, which you KNEW would help you..

Thats when you can get rid of the pain, the beating yourself up, the "they did that to me" energy 

And you can step into your power and do something about it..


Did you know that your Money Problems are YOUR PURPOSE

RIght now!!

After all, thats what you are doing here on earth, isnt it??

It is your purpose to get through adversity..

And find a a puzzle...

I've done alot of work with myself and others around PURPOSE...

And we have done meditations that take us to that place where there is no adversity in their lives


Did you know why??

Its because it IS OUR PURPOSE to work through and get through adversity,

Then to show others how we did it.. to help them..

We chose this specific life for that very reason...

But when you take ALL ADVERSITY away from people

Their bodies do freak out and go into overwhelm..



So really, why are we here???

Its when you can fully embrace that adversity is a part of life, it is part of our purpose and it is there for a reason..

Then we can let go of the "its happening to me and I can't do anything about it" 

To "this is cool! Lets see what fun we can have with this!"


It doesnt matter how hard you try, this situation will stay with you until you know all you need to know about it..

When we run away from the situation, we bury our heads in the sand, and the situation gets worse...

But when we take those daily baby steps and use our situation as a CSI episode

You can put all the pieces together

Learn what you need to know about it

Then all of a sudden, the issue is gone....

You see, you created this situation, as it is part of your LIFE PURPOSE...

If you dont want it as part of your LIFE PURPOSE anymore

You need to let it go...

Suppression is different to letting it go...

Its the turning your back or its the pushing it down...

Really letting it go is seeing it for what it is

And releasing it with love

Knowing that you will be guided to the next step you need to take to release more of what is part of your journey..

Because in essence, we live in a Universe that is unlimited..

Whatever we want, we can have

As long as we live by the Universal Laws

And follow its guidance for our next steps...

Its very easy once you get started

And your life will never be the same again

Once you adopt these methods of working WITH the Universe

Rather than pushing away from it and feeling worthless, lack and

These words do not exist in the Unviersal World

And you live in a Universal World

Whatever words you say

Feelings you have

And thoughts you have

Will become your reality

Its as easy as that

Doesnt that prove that the Universe really is magical??

And if you live in the Universe

You are magical as well...

Because we are all ONE.....

And your money problems will disappear if you start to adopt some of these processes into your daily life..... xo

Kim Eibrink Jansen is an Internationally renowned Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Healer and Advisor.

Her BIG picture philosophy around everything that happens to us and embracing the Universal Laws that governs our world, enables those who follow her practices to "step out of" their adversity and move forward. Using their own Psychic Communications and Universal Messages as their guide, and having access to over a hundred different ways to deal with our day to day issues, Kim believes that we can all get the answers to anything we need to know which enables us to move through life smoothly while manifesting absolutely anything we could ever need.

Health, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Success, Weight...whatever.....these "issues" are the vehicle to not only changing lives for the better, but also a way that we can change others lives in the process and developing our own life purpose in the process...

Life is easy and there is no should, have to or need to. Her work showcases how we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we can ever want following these techniques.

Kim is the creator and author of the "Universal Handbooks" Series, plus runs many online programs including the Universal Business, Universal Life, Universal Magic School, Spiritual Growth & Development Program, Universal Tapping & Healing Club plus Distance Clearing & Psychic Reading Circle.. all showing people how to connect to their inner and outer wisdom, clear their issues and move forward into a purposeful life...

Referred to by her clients as their "secret weapon", Kim is a private Spiritual Advisor to personalities in the public, high profile business, leaders and celebrities.

For more information on Kim and her work go to

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