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Today I spent the day with my babies and their friends...exploring Margaret River, eating chocolate, picnicking, playing cards and singing to cool music driving through the countryside...

I felt incredibly grateful to be able to spend the day this way...

I remember when I was a wedding planner, I wouldn't allow myself one second to do what I wanted to do. I worked 24/7....

My biggest dream back then was a day off. To walk at the beach with my feet in the sand. I dreamed of this everyday. But for 12 years didn't do it...

Now it's a priority to walk barefoot through the sand. Or to watch my favourite show. To tend to the garden or to read...

But I still get pangs of feeling guilty, because I'm not "working."

Being a workaholic is much easier than sitting still. When we sit still, our brain starts to think. It's hard to deal with the brain.

So being busy and working all the time is a great way of avoiding the truth within.

It's been so many years of self work to get myself to a stage where I don't think...well don't think MYSELF. To ALLOW thoughts to come to me, to guide me on my next steps rather than to recreate the same self defeating thoughts that can wreck us, is a powerful way to be.

Today, I can say, I didn't think, once. I was present in every moment. I didn't even look at the time or worry about what else I had to do today.

And guess what?

The world still went on without me!!! No one really cared!

But I was very proud when I realised I was living totally in the moment. I breathed in the fresh air, I looked at the massive trees, the colourful birds, the baby cows mooing, was present with my kids..and I was present with myself.

I played at the playground and just had fun.

Sang at the top of my lungs until I nearly lost my voice in the car to all our fav 80's/90's songs. Danced as I drove. We ate. Talked. Played. It was bliss.

When I realised I was totally in the present in every moment, I realised that I felt completely FREE in every moment. Free, light, fun. I had no "shoulds and have to's" pop into my head... not once. And not once did I feel guilty that I wasn't "doing" or working.

It was then, the realisation as I stood in the sun at the playground, that I have found utopia.

Utopia is a mindset. A way of being. Being in this current moment, right now, we are safe. We are brave. We are strong. We have no expectations. No worries and no stress. We are at one with everything and everyone in that current moment.

We aren't just happy. We are euphoric.. adventurous.....

We are in awe, we are curious, and in love with who we are, where we are and what we are doing.

And we are free.

I had a realisation today that all of this happened because of ME. I had created this. Through all my work to stay aligned, I no longer had to work hard at staying Aligned with the good feelings and purpose for being here.

And I felt so blessed.

I bought this fragrant diffuser in the moment because, at the moment I smelt it, I felt all my senses had heightened by experiencing infinite love and happiness in that moment. I wouldn't normally buy something like this, because I would feel guilty spending money on something that wasn't a necessesity. But I did. It was important. Because money comes and goes. But smells, experiences and love... lasts forever...

I can smell it right now, and I have a big smile in my face. It's a reminder of all the special moments that I had today that created the perfect day.

So put the intention out there each day to BE in each moment and keep your mind clear. No thoughts. No thinking. Just BEING. And watch things start to change for you xo

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