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Q&A - Why do I feel stressed all the time, and why is my Body hanging on to all this stuff?

Here is a question from one of my Facebook Followers.....

"Hi Kim, can you tell me why my body is hanging onto this stuff from the Past?? Its I just can't seem to let it go and it plagues me all the time?? Thanks, Mel"

Well, Mel, there is a really good reason why you do this. Let me explain.

Your body just wants to protect you... it is its main goal. Protection......

Ie - You have eyelashes to protect your eyes, you have nose hair to filter the air, an immune system to fight off bugs and a chemical reaction inside of you that sets you into a flight or fight reaction in the case of an emergency to keep you safe by allowing you to either fight or run....

This is why Immunisation was introduced, to work with our sympathetic immune system.

They give you a little bit of the disease in an injection. Your body recognises this, and gets your body ready fight. It sets the immune system into action, all the antibodies race out and get into the attack. They learn how to fight this disease.

THEN....the body REMEMBERS how they did this. And it holds that memory in your body. Sometimes called Muscle Memory.

So if you are ever exposed to that disease again, it goes to that Muscle Memory and gets into action and successfully fights the disease.

The scary thing about this is......the Body also holds onto EVERY other memory of when it had to FIGHT OR FLIGHT in your life........

So, simple things like that bullying in the playground, getting in BIG trouble from your teacher, the stressfrom exams, public speaking, tears from a teenage break up, your parents arguing & separating, even scary movies....YEP the body remembered all the pain & fear of that......

And not so simple things......really scary, painful things.......

Childhood sexual abuse / rape, you or mum being abused by your stepdad, being told you were hopeless, insignificant, stupid, an idiot, an attack or break in by a predator, car accident........

YEP... The body remembers all of that too. And it locks it away, in your subconscious AND in your muscle memory. So that if it ever happens again, it knows how to react. To protect you.

This is where things go wrong.......

- Our body HOLDS ON to EVERY memory. It is very reluctant to let it go. Because it has a FEAR of not knowing what to do if it is ever faced with a similar issue. This FEAR runs the life of the person. Which is why as you get older you are more reluctant to try new things or do anything out of the ordinary as you have FEAR built up internally.

- This "Muscle Memory" is actually physically stored in our body, in different areas of our body.

For example - ANGER is held in our Liver, DREAD & FEAR is held in the Stomach, ANNOY usually nose/sinus, PERFECTION Head, LACK OF SUPPORT Back, NOT LETTING GO Bowels/Colon/Intestines, UNLOVED Heart, BURDEN Shoulders, STUCK Joints, Knees, Hips Neck, DEEP HURTS Cancer, VICTIM Kidneys, SEEING SOMETHING BAD Eyes, HEARING SOMETHING BAD Ears, NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK Mouth, Throat, SEXUAL ABUSE Genitals & Sexual Organs, NO BALANCE Glands, PISSED OFF Bladder.... Just to name a few.

The more things that occur, the more "blocked" the area is and it cant operate the way it should.

- By forming a BLOCK with Muscle Memory, it actually reduces the flow of bodily fluids, brain messages and energy source to flow to the area, again causing illness. But as well as illness, it reduces the entire body's energy source which not only lowers their immune system and feeling energetic, it lowers the body's energy vibration. When your energy vibration is low, unfortunately you attract other LOW ENERGY people, experiences and issues. This is why some people seem to attract lots of the same accidents, abusive partners, multiple rapes, multiple attacks or break ins etc

These are all lower vibration circumstances that will be attracted by your body's lower vibration.

- ALSO this "Memory" is not only stored in your body it is also stored in your subconscious. Locked tight.

The simplest thing is then computed by the subconscious as a similar event and it sets off our fight or flight reaction.....even if it has nothing to do with the original memory. This sets off a massive chemical reaction which when it happens time and time again, many people call "Stress". They know they feel "Stressed" but they dont know why or how. It is because there is so much build up of memories setting off the chemical reactions in your body, that it is in constant FIGHT OR FLIGHT. It doesnt turn off. OVERWHELM results..... and people feel constant stress, anxiety, overrwhelm and depression.

I know this is alot to take in. But this is how your body and subconscious runs your life.

This is why by working with your stress, anxiety, overwhelm, disease, illness, pain, triggers and memories, we can remove these blocks from the body and not only allow it to do its job, but it also clears physical ailments so your body can heal itself and not be triggered by any of these memories anymore. And we dont attract lower vibrational stuff but great opportunitues and higher vibrational circumstances.


If you think you have baggage that your body is hanging onto, message me at with your story and I can advise what you can do to clear this from your life.

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