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HOW YOUR PAST IS CREATING YOUR FUTURE.. and what to do to change it..

So many of us go to Psychics & Mediums wanting to know what our future holds.

What we don't realise is that our PAST creates our future..unless if we change how we deal with the past..

Our past defines who we are, what we do and what happens to us in the future. Our subconscious mind records everything (like a video recorder) that has happened to us over our lifetime and stores it in what I call a video storage tank in the back of our brain.

Now, depending upon how you perceived that situation or experience at that time will also decide what happens in the future to you.

If something scares you, anything in the future relating to that thing will also scare you. Even though it may have had no affect on others.

If something upsets you, then anything in the future relating to that thing will also upset you. And it continues on.

It all stems from the initial incident and what you took from it at the time, building an association that is stuck with you forever. It stays as a recording in your subconscious. 

But what it also does is it stores within your body as well...energetically. Creating a certain vibration within your body.

This vibrational energy then stores in your muscles in your legs, arms, heart, lungs, eyes, knees, throat, stomach...depending upon what area of the body is aligned with that thought...and can (over time) create chronic illness, disease and other health issues. 

Then that energy (or frequency) gets sent out into the atmosphere like a radio transmission....making YOU a beacon radiating out that energy from within.

What then happens is quite astounding.

The Universe simply aligns that energy with energy from outside of you.

You then become the magnet of that energy, bringing something similar to that energy back to you.

And alignment has taken place.

So when something happens to you, you will find from that moment on, there will be a repeat of the same or similar experience occur in your life over and over again. Creating patterns and behaviours that are aligned with that incident, bringing more of it to you.

This is HOW you create your future and create more of what you DONT WANT from your past experiences.

Now, there is another element at play here.

When something "bad" happens to us in the past, we make a vow not to try and have that experience again. 

Say for example someone treats you a certain way that you didn't like. You may then become fearful of that person and try and stay away from them. But you are finding that they keep popping up time and time again.

Not only is this the internal energy vibrating out to bring them to you because you are storing that experience within you, but there is also something else going on.

Ever heard the phrase "What you resist, persists?"

When you have a resistance towards something, it actually brings that thing to you... 

Because you are thinking about it!!!

The Universe doesn't hear NO, or DONT, it just aligns the thought with the thing you are thinking about..

SO, how do you stop this "alignment of energies" and the things that you don't want happening to you?

1. Start taking DON'T or NO out of your thoughts & vocabulary. Instead of thinking or saying "I don't want", start thinking and talking about things that you DO want. Instead of saying "I don't want any more bills" say "My bills are taken care of easily and quickly."

2. Remember, what you resist, persists. Don't resist the bills. Welcome them knowing that they are bringing more good into your life rather than you thinking they are "bad." There is no such thing as bad. Just learning and experiences. So release the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of things being bad. They are just beliefs. Start to believe that everything is good and watch your life change around.

3. Use unwanted experiences as a sign that you are sending out that frequency, which could possibly be associated with old experiences that you are carrying with you. I call them external "triggers" showing us what is inside of us.

Most of the time we have NO idea what our subconscious has decided to hang onto and what associations were formed, especially from childhood. We tend to conveniently "forget" what happened. So we have NO IDEA why these "bad" things are happening to us right now. But when I work with clients on this and I go into the subconscious, I am always shown the incident or experience from childhood that is creating this current situation.

So when something happens that you don't like, there will be a theme. You can then ask yourself "when did something similar happen and what is my earliest memory around that?" 

Once you pinpoint it, and do some work around the belief and association that was formed from that experience, we then find out why we have created that belief and association and look into what was the truth around this. Once that is done, not only does the subconscious create a new awareness around that situation (changing the association to the theme), but the old energy that was stored in the body is released. Stopping the frequency from going out into the atmosphere and stopping the incidence of it happening again.

4.  Doing some cognitive energy work can also clear the subconscious and body of these I use what I call "Investigative Tapping" which not only gets into the subconscious to reveal the culprit, but it also clears the energy in the body via the body's central nervous system and pressure points.

We have complete control over our lives and our future, if we can use what is currently going on in our lives as a "tool" to know what is stored within us, creating our current reality. When we can pin point what that is, and remove it, our future will completely change bringing us new and amazing experiences that we desire... xo

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