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How to Shift BIG Money Blocks using this Simple Visualisation..

The other evening as I was going to sleep, I was guided to do some energy work on myself.. around Money..

Now, I have been doing work on Money specifically for around 10 years... I thought I was done...

Possibly not!!

Being half asleep, that pretty much meant that I didn't physically "do" anything... It was all a process that I did in my mind...

As I connected to this energy that I was drawn to clear, I saw very clearly a memory that came to me of when I was around 10 years old.

It was around the school that I went to. I went to a Public School. I remember feeling "left out" or "not good enough" to go to the Private School that was on the hill overlooking the town.

Whenever I saw someone from that school in that uniform, I felt not good enough. Whenever anyone talked about that school, I felt not good enough. I never knew why I couldn't go to that school. I just knew that I couldn't..

Which then took me to seeing some of the "richest" houses in my area. The big 2 story houses with the flash verandahs & columns, the pools, the gorgeous staircases and lovely gardens..

We lived in a 3 bedroom brick low set rental..

My mum used to always put down the owner and say he was ripping us off by charging so much for rent. And he was a swindler.. A horrible man..

And my friend who lived in one of the "rich houses", well, they only got the house because they won the Lotto...

The funny thing is, its not what she said that has stuck with me about money or anything like that.

It was the feeling that stuck with me. Of not being good enough. Of not being "in their league".

As I saw this all unfold in my mind, I bought myself to today.. and "compared" this feeling of how I felt to how a "rich" person feels..

I saw them in their large houses and fancy things...

Then I saw a big block underneath that..

Then I saw me, alone and in a dark place.. I was dirty, tattered clothes and a helpless feeling..

With the Transmutation work I do, I instantly knew that this had come up for me to transmute this obviously "real" energy I had inside of me..

As I connected to the block, to try and move it, it was far too hard..

So I called in some help, and my spiritual team came in with a special sparkly powder which they sparkled all over the block. As it hit the block, the concrete block started disintegrating...

Then I put some light into my situation... I cleaned myself up, popped some nicer clothes on. Instantly instead of slumping, I was standing straight and tall.

I walked over to the block that was there, and with it being worn away with the sparkly glitter, I could easily step over it.

I then had to work my way up to the "rich" house & fancy things..

I still wasn't there yet..

I took a big breath (breath work is really important in shifting energy) and I asked my guides what I could do to get there.

They put some sparkly red glitter shoes on my feet, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..

Instantly, I FELT sparkly!! Shiny!! Light and like I wanted to dance..

Another deep breath...

The shoes had a mind of their own.

I allowed myself to be "guided" by them (which is really funny as that is what my work is all about, being Guided by the Universe).

They were not taking me down the yellow brick road, they were taking me down the GOLD road (Gold is one of my FAV colours!)

The more I walked down that road, the more that "my loves" came in along the roads edge..

Flowers were first, everywhere!

Then there were butterflies, a warm summer breeze.

And in front of me, the most amazing beach house overlooking the most stunning beach I have ever seen...

Instantly I knew that this was MY house...

It wasn't the plastic, 2 story Column house that I thought I wanted (because thats what the RICH people had!)

It was my style house, contemporary, simple, open..divine...overlooking the beach...

A black convertible was in the driveway. Again it wasnt the Mercedes that I always thought I would like. It was a cutesy sports car that screamed "FUN!" ( see image above - its actually a BMW but FUN one!)

As I walked in to the house, all my favourite designs and quirky things I like all came flooding into the house and into place as I made my way in...

I also saw those "Rich People" all being the most divine soulful people embracing me with open arms..

Taking a deep breath and soaking this in, this was one of the most amazing journey's I could take myself on...

As I type this, my head is spinning with the lightness of all of this.

So for all of you, tap into the FEELING of what is authentically YOU. Tap into what being RICH means to YOU..

It doesn't have to be the same version of what someone else's RICH looks like..

Make Your Own Version of RICH...

And say goodbye to the heaviness of yesterday. It doesn't have to be your reality, unless you want it to be...

And make sure it feels FUN to you...

Kim xoxooxo

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