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How to Connect to your Spiritual Team

Today after a Conversation with the Universe I was guided to do a meditation to connect to my Spiritual Team...

I was also guided to grab a beautiful piece of selenite that I usually have on my desk.

I am not a big meditator (shhh) so I felt a little bit uncomfortable.

I was drawn to sit on the floor in my loungeroom on the rug.

I put my selenite in front of me, then closed my eyes..

As I did, I saw in my minds eye lots and lots of fairies dancing around...they were very very busy...

Then, behind them were my team of guides and the spirits of ancestors, friends and family..

The Doctors in Spirit who help me with the Psychic Surgery..

Beyond them were 5 Archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron & Uriel.

Then I saw God at the top with Jesus underneath him, then someone else next to him to create a triangle..

When I asked I was told that this was the "Holy Spirit" (mental note to learn more about him..)

Then floating behind God was the Collective Consciousness energy...

I focused on God and asked him the purpose of this meditation...why have I been guided to do this?

He advises me that its time to acknowledge all the "helpers" that have become my team and to continue to address them regularly in this format..

To spend a couple of minutes a day/week to honour them and to show them gratitude for the work they do with and for me..

He confirmed that everything was on track and to follow the guidance I received yesterday (which was to start seeing spirits with

my physical eyes, not just my mind's eye.. )

He told me to start to focusing on seeing them in the mind's eye, then eventually they will become a reality. 

The next guidance was to share the craziness that happens with my work on my blog (tick - starting right now..)

And to get my first book out on Kindle (which is very close to being done..)

So if you are wanting to connect with your Spiritual Team, show gratitude first for the guidance they have given.

Then ask for thoughts as to the best way to do this -  follow the ideas that pop into your head... Then just DO....

And enjoy connecting to "Your Team" on a regular basis....

Kim xo

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Kim Eibrink Jansen is an Internationally renowned Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Healer and Advisor.


Her BIG picture philosophy around everything that happens to us and embracing the Universal Laws that govern our world, enables those who follow her practices to "step out of" their adversity and move forward in their lives. Her teachings to help them use their own Psychic Communications and Universal Messages as their guide, and having access to over a hundred different ways to deal with our day to day issues, Kim believes that we can all get the answers to anything we need to know, which enables them to move through life smoothly while manifesting absolutely anything they could ever need.


Health, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Success, Weight...whatever.....

These "issues" are the vehicle to not only changing lives for the better, but also a way that we can change others lives in the process and developing our own life purpose in the process...


Life is easy and there is no should, have to or need to. Her work showcases how we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we can ever want following these techniques.


Kim is the creator and author of the "Universal Handbooks" Series, plus she runs many online programs including the Universal Business, Universal Life, Universal Magic School, Spiritual Growth & Development Program, Universal Tapping & Healing Club plus Distance Clearing & Psychic Reading Circle.. all showing people how to connect to their inner and outer wisdom, clear their issues and move forward into a purposeful life...


Referred to by her clients as their "Secret Weapon" and the "Body Whisperer", Kim is a Spiritual Advisor to personalities in the public, high profile business, leaders and celebrities.

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