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How being positive all the time can be detrimental to you..

There have been a few posts out there from people not feeling great.

Its that same old feeling of "Its bad to feel bad" or "there is something wrong with me if I don't feel good!"

I was feeling REALLY average for around a week, but in particular yesterday. A voice in my head was saying "Watch some motivational videos or podcasts"... But blah! Didnt do it..

I dragged myself off to the gym and decided to watch one of Teal Swan's videos while on the bike...

The topic on the video was about this Spiritual Misconception that we are "Spiritual" if everything is GOOD all the time... and that bad things dont happen..


She was calling the Spiritual World's bluff and saying it was a load of BS if spiritual people are telling you this and pretending their life is all hunky dory! They are lying... and you are putting pressure on yourself to be "up" all the time and if you arent, well you are failing..


The last few days I was getting a message - the message was...

"Make friends with the feeling bad..."


If you are feeling down or flat, struggling, anxious - whatever!

Make friends with it!

Sit in it and talk to it. Its usually not as scary when you do that.

And you can find out what it is REALLY about (and WOW Lamisha what a journey we went on today!)


If you resist, it persists...


When you resist the bad feelings, you are actually doing is stuffing them down into yourself.

And energetically you are attracting situations to bring out that feeling so you are given another opportunity to release it!!

And who wants those experiences - right!!

But also, when you push down bad feelings, they lodge somewhere in your body..

And they fester..

Causing all sorts of pain, disesases and illnesses..

And by thinking that positive thinking or positive words will get rid of them

Is just like putting a pretty blanket over the top of dog poo

It looks pretty on the outside, but in the inside it festers and festers

Until the outside starts to show the signs!!

So don't get rid of a "bad feeling" by pushing it down, suppressing or turning your back on it..

Acknowledge these times and simply say "Oh hi! You again! Whats hanging!!"

It will have alot to say back to you..

You can find out what it is doing there

Then use one of the many clearing modalities (such as Tapping, Visualisations, Emotion Code etc) to release the REAL reason why it is there...

Because if you don't get to the REAL reason, it will just show itself again and again and again until it is cleared...

So Listen and Act...

You would have been getting ideas, thoughts and messages on how to get out of the "BAD" Feeling...

I found I have been getting so many messages on how to get out of the FUNK..but simply not taking any notice of them. Then wondering when I was going to get the message to get out!!!

Our simple day to day thoughts ARE our way out...

But just know, being in a FUNK IS a good thing.. It simply means that you are ready for change to move forward in life....

The Universal process is that you will FEEL bad, so you are more aware of looking for a way out. And then you make a change. Thats all it is. And that is the healing process..


Embrace crappy days and of course share them with us, know you arent alone and that this is part of life... No need to "get rid of it" or hide from it. Just be and learn.. And love it...


Its humans that put a title of BAD on BAD Feelings...


Lets start calling them CHANGE Feelings..


Love you guys xo

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