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Can we really change our Genetic Disease???

Can we really change our Genes? And even more specific, our Genetic Diseases?

What if I told you the answer is "YES!"

If you are told "your problem is genetic", you don't have to take this as a life long issue you need to live with.

You have complete control over how you wish to deal with this condition.

1. Take the diagnosis as is, own it and accept it.

You can take the diagnosis as is and just accept it, however this means you need to live with this condition (and the corresponding medication/treatment) for the rest of your life. If you prefer to do this, that is absolutely fine. This is your life, and how you live it is totally up to you. But be are actually signing up for a life of "Victim Mentality".

Victim Mentality = Victim Energy...... Be aware of is also a disease in itself.

Victim Mentality is the whole "they did it to me", "I have no control over what happens to me" and the "I just have to live with it"....  

Its a very similar energy that attracts bullying, accidents & of course, illness & disease.

A life of no control over your own body, and your body simply "gives up" on itself. You have given it no control, no fight, and your immunity decides its lost the battle. It is no longer needed. And it will shut down (ie auto immune diseases etc).

Another sad result of Victim Mentality is it creates a secondary benefit that is very hard to shift....... subconscious attention behaviour.

The body has this major benefit of being unwell, unable to "fight" or do anything about the issue.....

It gets LOVE, attention, support, looked after etc from others around them.

How many people do you know that have this issue?

It is a learnt behaviour......All it takes is one small illness and their body learns "WOW, look how much attention I'm getting by being sick. We could get used to this. So lets create illness so we can continue being LOVED, cared for, supported etc."

This is a very hard thing to shift, as it is such a major benefit to the body.

2. Look at the diagnosis and say "I'm not going to let it run my life"

You can look at the diagnosis and make a conscious decision for it not to run your life.

There are a few ways you can do this......

- Monitor & Control - using Natural Remedies - you can look after your body and find out what it is that makes your body react to certain foods, situations etc and limit your exposure to these. Making a LifeStyle choice..... However it still means you have the issue......

3. Look at the diagnosis and say "What has actually caused my disease"

Even with genetic illnesses, there is a metaphysical cause for all of these.

Let me explain:

- "Genetic Illness or Predisposition" just means that you, your parents, your grandparents and their grandparents were all bought up the same way. With the same beliefs, the same thoughts and character traits, the same mentality.

As we know, we can actually change our beliefs, thoughts, character & mentality simply by making a decision to change them.

However, genetic beliefs, thoughts, character & mentality are ENGRAINED into your psyche even before you were born.

Your mothers thoughts, beliefs & character traits are learnt even in the womb. You hear what she says, feel her vibration and you soak in everything in the hope that you are going to learn all you can about the world.

Then, when you are born, you are bought up in an environment that not only will shape your life, it will determine how you interact with the world, your health and your own beliefs, thoughts, character & mentality.

Then, when you have children, the cycle continues.

Have you ever heard people go "OMG I sound like my mother/father!!"

Its because subconsciously they have taken onboard their mother/father's characteristics without even knowing it!!!

And this greatly affects not only their behaviour and how they deal with things, but ALSO THEIR HEALTH!!




It does relate to you.

And you CAN change this.

You can change it by looking at what beliefs, thoughts, behaviours & mentality metaphysically causes these diseases.

Now, I have lots of reference books on what metaphysical messages our body gives us as to what our beliefs, behaviours etc that cause this. And I sometimes use these as a reference.

However, I like to use EFT (Tapping) plus my connection to their body for their body to give me a specific answer to what the body has learnt and hung onto to, and what is causing this physical issue.

I would love to go into exactly what causes an illness in us and what genetic behaviour we have learnt from our ancestors to create our illness.


1. Each person is different.....there are different reasons for each person and family.

But you find that when you pinpoint the reason why someone has their disease/illness, people say to me "Oh yeah, my mum is exactly like that too!" or "My Uncle is always saying that to me"! And whether we believe it or not, is in engrained in our subconcious and controls how our body operates and behaves.

2. This is subconscious mind we are dealing with

If I said to you "Oh, you are sick because of blah, blah, blah" you would possibly disagree with me. Because these beliefs are deep in your subconscious where you cant get access to them unless you do some type of hypnosis or EFT (Tapping).


The first thing we do is look into your family history and more importantly, how you were bought up and some memories you have of this time in your life. We look into family beliefs and where they come from.

And we clear these plus any baggage from your past that hasnt helped you and of course that baggage that has contributed to your illness metaphysically.

We keep clearing & digging and clearing & digging until your body and subconscious is free of any old beliefs and family traits.

Then we create new ones for you. That will kick start your body into being strong, powerful, supported and loved.

Bodies LOVE this.... and when they feel this way they are just magical!!

Bodies can heal at an alarming rate.

And when all its blocks to healing are cleared from the body, it can heal pretty much everything to its FULL HEALTHY STATE.

Here is a great article about how quickly the body can rejuvenate itself to full health:

And then we create a healthy environment for your body to continually grow and rejuvenate.

This includes nourishing it with a balanced diet, living a complete and authentic life with no limitations and living your Life Purpose which means the work you do is extremely beneficial not only to you but to the earth as a whole.

To find out more, contact me privately -

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