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Bye my Spiritual Teacher...

You never know when you have a spiritual teacher, until they are gone...

16 years ago, we met and fell in love with our beautiful neighbours, Ray & Suellyn. We lived in a townhouse villa back then.. their wall was our wall.

And we became very close.

They adopted our then 1 yr old like their own grandchild (being a little older than we were)...and every night, without fail, we would go over to their place... the boys would share a beer and a laugh, and us girls would chatter as old friends do. Isabella would be the shining star in between us all, delighting us with her funny ways...

"Uncle Ray" as he was affectionately known, would often pull out a map and, using divining rods, show us where the latest missing person was. Where the "gold" was (they loved fossicking) and where the "aliens" lived...

On weekends, we would sit outside on the balcony playing with the rods. Asking questions with the rods giving us the answers. Finding out where the spirits were sitting or hiding.

He would tell us stories of being taken to different dimensions as he was driving along the freeway. And his encounters with being abducted by aliens.

And how, every night, he would see a beautiful blonde little girl sitting on our roof at night. Obviously, she was a spirit who was with us, looking out for us. She even appeared to my husband years later as we were watching TV in a different house. She may still be with us today...

On the morning of Sept 11, he rang us at 3am and told us to turn on the TV. Both towers were still standing at that time. We watched as history unfolded before our eyes, like a Hollywood movie. It just didn't look real.

Then, when I had a near head on collision one day, I was in my garage that night inspecting the damage. When all of a sudden a hand rested on my left shoulder. I turned to see who it was... no one was there.

Uncle Ray & Aunty Suellyn were the first ones I ran to for comfort at this strange occurrence that had just happened to me.

We were only neighbours for just over a year. But we were friends for life. We moved overseas, they moved around the country, we moved back and lived miles away from them. But whenever we could, we would call, chat, and if we could see them, we did. We stayed with them in Cairns, Sydney & Warrick. They came & stayed with us in Noosa. Gosh, they were just like family and we loved them so much.

The last time we spoke to them, would have been over a year now. But that never mattered. Time never mattered...we were close no matter what...

Last night I found out that Uncle Ray passed away...

To say I am devastated, is an understatement.

But I've also been getting the message to call them in and off for months now. I always said "tomorrow"... now I won't get that chance to have one last chat with him in this physical form.

He was such a beautiful, kind and wonderful man. I loved him so much.

Suellyn is struggling now without him too.

It's only now, that I look back on those times we spent together, he was actually a spiritual teacher for me. Bringing out in my 16 yrs ago the element of magic and believing when I had shut it down since my childhood days.

I am so grateful to know you, Uncle Ray. Your laugh, fun nature and constant curiosity to know more and experience more than what we can see with our eyes, will stay with me forever.

I love you... ��������

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