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An Epic Spiritual & Universal Journey

A 52 week Journey of Self Discovery...

Join us for an Epic Journey into YOU, the Universe and Beyond..

Its about Life..

The Big Picture..

Its about Your Journey...

Your Spirit, Your Soul

The Universe..

Plus Everything in between...

How to cope with adversity, triggers, issues &

And bring to you Unlimited Abundance

A Special Weekly LIVE Online Group...


with Truth, Probability, Metaphysics, Quantum


Your Alternate & Parallel Selves

Your Subconscious & Superconsciousness

Be a Co-Creator with the Universe

and learn how to use it to Create your Own Reality....

Together we will Travel Inter dimensionally





And EVERYTHING within US...

The Ultimate Spiritual Journey Home

to connect you to who you REALLY are..

Where you have been before you came here

And much much more....

You are Source Energy

You are an Unlimited Magnificent Self

Its time to reconnect you to this and be a Master of your Destiny...

The Epic Universal Journey will allow us to experience talk about, learn and investigate

so many topics each week in our LIVE call, including:

  • The Big Picture & why we are here
  • Connecting to your Unlimited Universal Soul
  • Finding the Source Energy within
  • Find out who you REALLY are
  • Your purpose on this planet
  • Polarity & Duality
  • Trust, Believe, Receive
  • Turn Fun into Funds
  • Truth and Honesty..the way of the future
  • Awareness - sharp focus of everything the Universe brings into your reality...its all a sign and your next steps
  • The Power of living in the moment
  • What works - create your very own life system and plan that works for you
  • Adversity is a blessing in disguise and why you have it in your life
  • Your relationships are a mirror
  • Messages & Signs
  • You are Money...Being at One with everything in the Universe
  • The Answers Within
  • Meet your Guides and your Spiritual Team
  • How to get your Spiritual Team to work for you
  • Subconscious Amnesia and how to break through it
  • Law of Attraction is moving into Law of Allowing
  • Law of Compensation
  • Being OK to be a Facilitator to change - you can't upset others if it wasn't already in them
  • Changing your need of Adversity to one that will empower you and others
  • Be Do and you will Have
  • Lives between Lives - what happens when you die? Your Souls Journey
  • Beliefs & Perceptions
  • Dancing with Resistance & Surrender
  • Perpetual Transmutation & Change
  • Law of Action & Reactions
  • Self Mastery
  • Who is God? Jesus?
  • Meet Universal Collective Consciousness
  • Ascended Masters, Ancient Gods & Spiritual Counsels
  • Needs & Wants
  • Work with Universal Time for Flow & Ease
  • How do I know when I'm not in alignment with myself?
  • Reading future unlimited possibilities and probabilities
  • Fears and how to use them to your advantage
  • Feelings & Emotions and their effect in the Universe
  • There is no Good or Bad...right or wrong, it just is...
  • How to have Control and Letting Go
  • Relativity
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Measuring Frequency & Vibration
  • Past Lives & Past Trauma
  • Quantum Leaping
  • How to be a Psychic
  • How to create your own Reality
  • Conversation with the Universe
  • Channelling
  • The Power of Observation
  • Listen, Act, Trust, Let Go - The Keys to Success
  • The Game of Life
  • Ask and you will Receive
  • Intentions control all results
  • Parallel & Alternate Universes
  • Channelling gifts from your Alternate Self
  • Wise Side vs Human Side
  • The Meaning of Life
  • What you Resist, Persists....allow flow and ease
  • Your Rules to Life and where they came from
  • The Power of Gratitude and Gratefulness
  • There are no Victims or Villians
  • The Essence of Choice moving into the 4th & 5th Dimensions
  • Ascension
  • The 12 Dimensions and their characteristics
  • Metaphysics & Body Whispering
  • What is within, is without
  • Boundaries and Blocks
  • Acting in the Current moment
  • The Universe doesn't test aligns energy with energy
  • Judgement and Reflection
  • Healing & Clearing
  • Transmutation
  • Shapeshifting & Visibility
  • Universal Tools - Pendulums, Oracle & Angel Cards
  • Your Body Knows the Answer - Muscle Testing
  • Does Past, Present & Future Exist?
  • Measuring Energy, Frequency, Vibration & Level of Consciousness
  • Negative Energy - how to deal with it and what it means
  • Reading your Soul Records in the Akashic Records
  • Psychic Surgery
  • The Universal Spa
  • Your Spiritual Runners
Plus much much more... 

How does it work?

I am really excited to share that there will be no reading through pages and pages of theory here.

This is all done in demonstration format, like a workshop where we will all DO the processes, together,

and discuss at length the depths of the Universe along with different theories, beliefs and processes..

as well as experiments and much more..

This is an extremely active and interactive process...

The design of this journey will be:

- A LIVE Weekly Workshop each week where we will come online every Wednesday at 4am Perth Australia Time (see time conversion here) and I will go through the relevant topic that is part of the journey for that week..sharing the most amazing experiences together..

- Then we will have an open discussion and Q&A opportunity together, bringing up a great opportunity for an awesome conversation about the topic.

- Followed by a group energy clearing lead by me based around the energy at that time.

- Then we will call in our spiritual teams and connect with them and their energy where they will guide me to conduct a guided visualisation & meditation.

- Then you will give yourself a Psychic Reading (guided by me) that I will do with you to guide you into getting the answers yourselves...

If you miss a call, not to worry. Each call will be recorded for you to join the journey at your own pace, in your own time.

PLUS we have am Epic Universal Journey Facebook Group where you can share your journey, share your ups and downs, receive support and guidance 24/7 from myself and your other Epic Journey Members from all around the world..

We will be developing a beautiful group of like minded people

As you see, this is all about Self Empowerment & Self Mastery

while learning more about the Universe around you and how to use it in your life..

A Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery

And Reconnection with your Universal Self...

Find your Limitless Potential...

Join me as I take you on a 12 month (52 week) journey into the depths of the Universe...that is deep inside of YOU...

While discovering and experiencing the most Epic Journey into other Dimensions, Universe's, Alternate, Parallel, Past lives and Lives between Lives..

Find out so much about yourself that you will intimately know who you are, your purpose here and your destiny...

Plus much much more...

Absolutely EVERYTHING I know about the Universe and have experienced, and everything I want to experience in the future, I will be sharing with you and going in the journey with you...

$10 per week*

$40 per month*

OR why not join 2 groups in a Bundle and get a discount???


* Prices are in USD

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