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Your Body needs a Purpose, Money & Business in the Future..

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 2:50 AM

Today was such an amazing day that my head is spinning from what I've learnt...

And Yes... I mean "learnt"...

Because I learn something new from every client session....

I learnt today:

- That each part of our body needs a purpose, and we need to acknowledge it, for it to feel valued & worthy...and for it to work effectively for us.

- That the world is doing a complete 360..... it used to be peaceful back in the Atlantean era, but then there was a war that created much turmoil and disharmony for so many, even today. Because of the need for power...

But now we are moving back into love & harmony because of the teachings of self empowerment. Self empowerment is the way that we will bring peace & harmony back to the planet.

- That the concept of not needing money is not true... it's a not "worrying" about money that is the concept we need to embrace. That money blocks don't necessarily have to do with money... there are so many other factors that affect money flow.. in particular when we follow our bliss and purposeful intention for being here that money will be the result and we will always be supported. We don't need to know what that purpose looks like, it's following the feeling that feels good to us.

Money will always be there when you genuinely want to help people.

- That in business we are slowly moving from the marketing concepts of "solving a problem" to "people solving their own problems" to "providing experiences"....

When marketing your product or service you just need to see where your client base is at.... are they still wanting the problems solved, are they ready to solve them themselves or are they ready to jump into life as one big experience.

- Reconnection to one's "inner child" is indeed a beautiful thing to witness. That part of someone who knows (and acts) from pure intention of love, wonderment, excitement, joy and play. Nothing else matters when this reconnection is formed, and all "stories" taken on in life is completely squashed and not true when such an experience occurs.

- That every second that happened before this time does not exist and each new second in this very moment is a completely new reality... with no mistakes or problems in it. Anything that happened before this very second is null & void as we release it from "the past" and focus on this new moment as the only thing that matters.

There is so much more... these are the highlights.

I seriously just LOVE my job. Soooo love it!!!

In each session the Universe gifts me new information and I'm blown away at the things that happen in these UMT Sessions...

"I" am the one who is blessed & honoured to work with "you" my darlings who have chosen me to help reconnect with your deepest self...

Honoured indeed. Thank you my darlings for this opportunity. Sending you so much love xo


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