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You have Unlimited Guidance......just Quiet your Logical Brain!!!

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 12:40 AM


Did you know that....

You have access to an Unlimited Source of Guidance..



I know it sounds weird, but its true..


You have numerous Angels, Guides, Earth Angels, Spirits around you 24/7 guiding you through life.. PLUS we are COMPLETELY Guided by The Universe..


You may not know HOW to access this Guidance, but thats ok.. I am going to help you.


To start with, we might begin with the standard ways...


Messages & Signs..


Do you keep your eyes open for Messages & Signs? Even if you haven't asked for one?

You should..


The best way for you to RECEIVE these Messages & Signs is to be AWARE..


This means you need to live COMPLETELY in the moment..


Its hard sometimes, but it is one of the most powerful resources you have RIGHT NOW to change your life..




Look around you, what do you see. Soak it in..


Notice the breeze, the birds singing, a car in the distance... 


Really notice it, and be still in the moment...


Clear your mind... What is the first thought that pops into your mind when you clear it?




It might be a positive thought from the Universe, a Spirit or Angel. Or it might even be a negative thought..


If it is negative, I can guarantee you that it is from a energy virus attachment that you may have. And thats ok, you can just ignore it, clear it or let it go..


There is also another voice called your LOGICAL MIND or CONSCIOUS MIND..


Have you ever noticed how this mind gets in the way all the time?? Bossing you around. Telling you all the things that could possibly go wrong??


Your Logical Mind is there to keep your body safe. But in most cases, it just gets in the way of what the Universe and your Soul, working together, is trying to achieve..


So you can:


- Separate yourself from it.. Call your Logical Brain a different name? Maybe Sally, or Bob!


- You can close your eyes and see your Logical Brain in your mind. Then by simply intending it, you can reduce it to the size of a pea..


- Then (if you feel brave enough) you can have it removed from your mind, simply by visualising it away..



Let us know how you go in the" target="_blank">FREE Membership Group Your Universal Magical Soul Awesomeness Facebook Group!!

Lots of Love, Kim xoxoox


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