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The Healers Healing Circle


Is designed for Talented and Advanced Healers

from all around the World

who would like to expand their awareness

and continue working on themselves...

Join us weekly as we use your own chosen modality or whatever we are guided to use..

EFT, Transmutation, Soul Work, Akashic Records, Psychic Surgery plus lots more other Energy work to continue your Healing Journey

You help so many

but are also on your own journey.

You know the power in Healing yourself during you time here on Earth..

Join us weekly as we work together to continue your Clearing Journey..

This unique Healing Circle is designed for talented Healers who still know they have their own stuff to clear

and are looking for a regular excuse to

"Clear their Crap"...

You know how to clear stuff...

You know how to heal..

You work closely with your own Spiritual Team..

But sometimes you would just like to have someone with you to see the things you don't see yourself...

Someone who can get into that subconscious to find all the hidden stuff "back there"

and to bring it out, so you can clear it there and then..

Or maybe you just don't find the time or motivation to do this.

You do healings all day, right?

Who wants to do it after work???

Or maybe you just want to do some work on yourself in your own at home and you wish to be guided as you clear.

"I love working with talented Healers and love watching them clear all the fun stuff that we find as we investigate together.."


Each Monday at 5am Perth Time, you come online onto each call with an issue or awareness you want to work on.

Each call goes for around 2 hrs..

There will be a MAX of 6 HEALERS in the Circle at any one time.

Once the group has 6 Healers, the membership will close.

Kim facilitates each call - she will go around the screen and facilitate each Healer, working with each one as she goes.

You will discuss your issue with her and she will find out the cause of it,

and you will use either a healing technique you LOVE and USE or Kim will tell you the best way to deal with it,

then she will get you to work on it, going through all the layers and awareness.

Then she will come back after working with the others and get you to a place where, at the end of the session, you wont have the issue anymore.

You will be completely empowered as you clear your own stuff while being completely guided by Kim the whole time.

Its one of the most powerful groups she runs..

This process is fully guided by Teacher, Healer, Author & Universal Queen, Kim Eibrink Jansen.

Not only does she know a myriad of healing techniques, inter dimensional travel, Past Life & Akashic Work and her connections with Higher Consciousness & all Universal Energies, but she also tunes into a person's energy to find out what the REAL issue is.

You will see her at work, and be able to work alongside her with other participants in the club to shift some real blocks.

There is NO LIMITS here...

Be prepared to go where ever it takes and to do whatever we need to do to get you where you want to go...

Conducted on Zoom, this weekly Club will be one of the most powerful groups you will ever be a part of!

We will also chat and provide support in an online forum on our Facebook Group Page.

This Group is Strictly Limited to 6 people at a time.

So come join us and tap along with this amazing group of talented people!!

* Entitles you to Weekly 2hr Online Session plus extras

* The Healers Healing Circle is either an ongoing monthly subscription...

Stay or Leave as you choose..

As this group us limited in numbers there will be a waiting list when you leave..

"I'd had one or two powerful tapping sessions in the past on my own - tapping being a fairly new thing for me anyway, but I felt like most of the time, I'd get a little light relief from how i was feeling but not clearing or shifting anything. When Kim invited me to her group session after talking about an issue I was having online, I thought I'd give it a go. I wasn't sure how I'd feel doing this in front of other people but it's amazing - having Kim guide you though it is wonderful - i can see why I wasn't really shifting anything, my body was going round in circles, kind of beating around the bush and not letting me uncover the real issue. My body was being sneaky and not letting me work out what was going on - it was scared to let go of old patterns and beliefs. Working with Kim has really helped and in fact, since I missd a session last week, I really feel it! Defo something I'm going to do regularly. Kim has a skill where she knows exactly what to ask and if your body is being pesky, she just knows what to do and guides you through it. She's definitely magic. And super lovely too!"


"I've been working through blocks and patterns for years upon years. I'm a healer myself, yet in many places I've remained stuck - no matter how much healing I've done, how much I believe in myself, how many action and attraction practices I've taken on. I've been fortunate enough to be in Kim's weekly Tapping group, and I can't even begin to explain how POWERFUL these are. All that we've been digging through. And how much RELIEF I've found in just a month. Today? We started tapping on one issue. Which led us to another and another. Kim always knows exactly where to go. We finally came to a point where she needed to go into my Akashic Records. And what did she find the root of this issue tied to? Not one, but FOUR contracts. With a total of FIFTEEN other people involved. So what did she do? Had them signed off on. Complete. And that's after last week, when she went into my records and had to get rid of a contract I created with MYSELF to free up another "block."

This is incredible, deep, powerful, soulful work.

And I want to share, not only to thank Kim publicly, but to remind you all that having a "block" isn't always magically solved by listening to Abraham Hicks or by reading the Science of Getting Rich. It's not always about "manifesting" by simply "acting as if." Sometimes you need the help of someone else. Someone who can help you unearth the REAL cause of the matter. Sometimes vision boards just aren't enough.So don't feel badly about yourself if someone else's one minute miracle hasn't worked for you. Sometimes there's FAR deeper work to be done. For far bigger reasons. It's all part of your own journey. So don't let ANYONE guilt you or tell you you simply haven't been believing enough, taking action enough, when there's actually something bigger going on.

Thank you Kim!!!!" Mellie 

Join The Powerful Healers Healing Circle NOW - there are only 3 spaces left!!!

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