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Sunday 27 May 2018


Secret Harbour, Western Australia

Reset Your Mind, Reset Your Life...

The Workshop....

The Workshop that takes you on a Journey into your Subconscious Mind….

And into your Soul

The "RESET YOUR MIND, RESET YOUR LIFE" Program is unlike anything else out there… an opportunity to go deep into your own mind....

Developed by Kim Eibrink Jansen in early 2018, the Reset Your Mind, Reset your Life Program was founded as simply as a way to give us more control over our lives…

But since then, it has become so much more….

WE have found through the RESET YOUR MIND program, that we can actually get BEHIND the veil of amnesia we were given when we were born…

We can actually get into our subconscious & soul superconsciousness quite easily using the RESET YOUR MIND process…

YOUR MIND IS POWERFUL….releasing subconscious messages within our body that we have no idea is actually happening…..and in essence it is creating and controlling your life…

The thing is, we have NO idea what is actually hiding in there…

The Universe has one job only, and that job is to align energy with like energy…

So, if something comes into your life, there is something about yourself that you need to know..

The first thing we notice when something “bad” comes into our lives, is that we feel “bad”, or annoyed, or frustrated etc..

This is the very first sign we know that the body gives us as an insight into what is hiding deep in our subconscious…


- Money Issues

- Health Issues

- Weight Issues

- Relationship Issues

- Issues with Success & Achievement

- Or just feeling stuck and not sure why...

These things would NOT be an issue if you had no emotion about it…

Think about it, the thing that affects you most about a situation, is your emotion about it.

Your emotions are the KEY to your entire existence….

Why you are here…

What you are meant to

And what your core beliefs and meanings are that are running your life...

Once we acknowledge the emotion, we are then given COMPLETE ACCESS to the DEEPEST SUBCONSCIOUS MIND…

As well as the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND (our Memories in Utero, our Soul Memories of Past Lives and also In between lives…)

Going deep into your Conscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

and SuperConsciousness....

Saying Goodbye to the Veil that Stops your From Finding out More

To find out what is really going on within you....

Workshop Value

with all Inclusions

- 1 day Workshop - 9.30am-4.30pm

- Includes Group & Personalised Deeper Subconscious Work

- Learning how to use your Emotions to access the deeper cause of life’s big issues

- Learning how to access your own Subconscious & Soul Memory

- Learning how to change, transmute and shift Subconscious to change your life in an instant!

- Mints, Pads & Pens

- Reset your Mind, Reset your Life Handout

- Private Location

Value - $1300


Normal Price - $249


Only $99 for the entire day!

Tea, Coffee & Refreshments can be purchased downstairs

Lunch will be offsite at a local cafe from 12.30-1.30pm, so bring some money with you on the day...

Spots are limited so book before all are gone!!!

Early Bird Bookings Close MONDAY 14 May 2018


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