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"Did you know that you are an unlimited being,

having an unlimited experience

in an unlimited Universe?"

So, If this is true, then why are you struggling???

Our Limitations are currently transferring into our reality...

And Issues today that are taking over our lives...

You may be feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed...

Having issues with Money...

Relationship issues..

Business or Success issues...

Or just not feeling good...

There is a simple answer to why you are struggling..

Its not because there is something wrong with you..

Its not because you have blocks...

Its not because you aren't smart enough, pretty enough, proactive...

And its certainly not because you haven't tried..

Because I know how hard you have tried...

So what is it??

What am I doing or not doing?

Let me tell you what is really going on....


Before you were born, you were indeed an unlimited energy floating around with your guides and soul families and you were having fun learning lessons and planning your evolutionary journey.

These lessons were decided upon, your journey planned and then you were given a purpose for your next life.

Your purpose was to come down to Earth to have an Earthy experience, in different circumstances, and to learn the answer to these lessons.



Then, when you were incarnated here on Earth and born, you were given a healthy dose of amnesia.

Now, this amnesia may seem like natures cruel trick, but it does have a purpose in itself.

This amnesia stops us from remembering past incarnations where we may have had similar lessons, so that we can try to move through these lessons in this life, but in a different way. It stops us from repeating our past mistakes from previous experiences.

So we can start a new and try a different way.

Ok, fair enough.

But where this leaves you now is with absolutely no clue what your lessons are and how to get through them?

Before you came down here, you choose parents and families and made contracts with them to help give us experiences to help us "learn our lessons."

Then we choose partners, friends, work colleagues and others to also help us learn our lessons...

However, because of this amnesia, we have no idea how to find out what these lessons are and how we can use them to move forward.. 


Traditionally what we have done, is we learn from the people in our lives and we take on and learn beliefs, roles and identities from these people to help us in these experiences. They help us learn where we fit in, how to behave, and what we need to do.

The thing is, we are learning beliefs, roles and identities from the people who were meant to TRIGGER us...

To teach us lessons....

Which means that the beliefs, roles & identities that we learnt from them, are actually what we were meant to NOT LEARN and take on as our own..

Because they were designed to be in our lives to trigger us, upset us, make us feel uncomfortable and for us to go within ourselves to see what we are capable of. For us to choose a different path, a different way, a way that was more authentic to who we are.

Instead, we looked outside of ourselves to the people who were teaching us how to NOT be ourselves, and became who we are NOT...

The result is that we lost who we really are. We lost ourselves... and our purpose..

And we became unhappy, lost and afraid... becoming completely separate and disconnected from who we are...

When we loose connection to who we are, then we become disconnected to the things that we want..

And disconnected to our Unlimited Universal Energy Source and Infinite Potential...

And this is why you are struggling....


If someone asked you this question, what would you say??

You are not a mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend....

These are simply roles you play..

It is not WHO YOU ARE..

Deep down inside, you are an UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL BEING....

and I am here to bring you back to this Unlimited Universal Abundance in all areas of your life...

To bring you back to an UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL BEING...

The experiences of authors Anita Moorjani "Dying to be Me" and Louise Hay "You can Heal your Life" talk about this "disconnection from self" and how

this disconnection can not only cause unhappiness, stress and anxiety, but it also can cause illness, disease and injury, issues in your life and even

death as in Anita's case.

Anita technically dies in hospital from cancer has a Near Death Experience where she was taken in between the two worlds.

Here she experiences the complete "reconnection" with her unlimited self.

And her unlimited capacity being connected with the Unlimited Universal Energy Source..

When she returns to her body, she is cured from the deadly cancer within 3 days...

Her body completely heals simply from her shift in consciousness and reconnection with her Universal Source Energy that is available to all of us,

and is inside all of us..

So often we think "I wish I could be rich, healthy, successful, happy, free or in love..."

Little do you know that everything is possible, right now.

It is our beliefs and those things that we have learnt from others that are stopping us from having those things..

How do you react when I say....

"That it is as easy to have $1 million dollars as it is to have $1...."

If you don't think it is true, then there is one belief there that is stopping you from having it...

Find out what those beliefs are as we speak to the energy and the belief that is causing this...

Here is some insights as to what I have been receiving from Money about what is stopping us:

"Forget about the 'they can only afford $______' because when it's important, when it's needed,

the Universe always delivers and provides and the money will show up for them.

Regardless of how much you charge.

They will always be able to pay you whatever you charge when you release the story that they will only pay a certain amount.

See your clients as being gifted the money to work with you, and they will!"

and this:

"You are on the right track. Things are going as they should.

A huge windfall is coming your way once you let go of the limiting belief that there is limited money in the world.

There is LOTS of money in the world!

If everyone knew this, then those who rule societies would have no control or power.

Its time the world realised that there is so much money out there that no one should be thinking about lack or not enough.

Think about money like the cells in your body.

They multiply. They grow. They never end and they are always changing and evolving.

Its the same with money.

It is also never ending, growing, multiplying and evolving.

Go with it, see the magnificence & beauty in its evolution and reap the rewards by experiencing its multiplying behaviour.."

Find out your truth right now!!!!

and what is stopping you from having the life that you want...

Special Introductory Price - normally $350,

now $99!!!!

Limited bookings available...get in quick! 

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