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You have gone through adversity

or you are still struggling, or stuck

You are wanting direction

Wanting purpose

Wanting to move on OR to get out your current situation

Is it Money? Weight? Love? Success you struggle with?

Did you know that these things

you are dealing with

are going to be

your vehicle

to freedom..

to having


it is



BUT how can we move out of adversity...

and into complete abundance

in all areas of our lives?

Further from the teachings of THE SECRET

Lies an amazing new concept thats changing lives...

It allows you to create the life you've always dreamed of

by connecting and working with the Universal Laws..

Its called Universal Life...

THE SECRET taught us

all about a Universal Law...

The Law of Attraction...

To help us get what we want

And how to manifest the life we desire....

But did you know that there are 12 Universal Laws you can use...

They are all available to you

And when you bring them into your life

You can BE, DO & HAVE

Whatever you want!!

Plus More...

Using Universal Laws is AWESOME..

But there is also another part to this

That will completely blow you away..

You can also have

Conversations with the Universe

You can "talk" to the Universe

To get the answers to anything you need to know..

You will get Messages and Signs

To help you every second of every day

You will always be helped..


And find out absolutely anything you need to know...

I will teach you

how to talk to the Universe

And get answers

to anything you need to know.

The Universe is always available to you...anywhere....anytime....

But another MAJOR BENEFIT as you step into Universal Life

That by working with the Universe and changing your own habits & lifestyle

To suit you

your style

your way of life

your design

You are changing people, situations and experiences all around you...

You have the Power

You are in complete control

Of everything around you

Be the change you want to see in the world...

When you work with the Universe

People around you start to change...

Relationships change...

Health changes...

Your LIFE will completely change....

And so will everything around you..

Its just Universal Law

Just like Gravity

You can't beat Universal Laws..

So start working WITH THEM

Rather than AGAINST THEM...

To create the dream life that you want...

ARE YOU READY TO START the LIFE you've always wanted???

Universal Life 

Be warned... we will be blowing all your old beliefs such as "that you have to work hard to be a success"

Out of your body & mind...

To enable you to step confidently into your purpose

By doing what you love

And only what you love

Because the days of pushing

Are gone from now on...

We will show you a powerful way to allow yourself to get all the answers to all the questions you have EVER had...

So you will never be stuck for the answer EVER AGAIN...

And bring out the natural leader, the natural goddess and the natural YOU

UNLIKE a YOU that you have ever known

Because this is a YOU that is truly YOU

With no worries about what others tell you

With no cares about failing or fears...

And embracing your journey with full force

Changing your life

And others with it...

Universal Life is an 12 week interactive Online Coaching Group

where you will receive each week online videos, notes & activities

join us on a LIVE online group coaching session*

become part of an amazing online community in our Private Facebook Page

which provides 24 hours support from Kim

and others going through the Universal Life Journey with you..

You will NEVER be alone...

 Designed to help you understand exactly how the Universe works

How you can use it to your advantage

And how you can change your life and others lives

By using your adversity as an amazing vehicle and tool...

You will learn...

- Philosophies and teachings from The Universe

- 12 Universal Laws and how to use them in your life to get what you want

- How to change others..

- How problems stick with us and become our life purpose

- Finding and changing subconscious beliefs that are holding us back

- The power of the present..

- How to be happy...all the time....

- Sanskrit & Buddhism Concepts and how to bring then to the Modern World for peace and harmony

- How to get from Struggle St to Abundance Ave...

- Your Life Purpose and why you are here

- The Big Universal Picture

- Your "Rules" and the Universal "Rules"

- How to deal with ANYTHING... its easy!!!

- What is stopping you from Succeeding?

- Money Blocks, Beliefs and other crap we don't need...

- Be, Do & Have (not Have, Do then Be)

- How to turn FUN into FUNDS

- How to turn Inspired Idea to Inspired Guidance and Inspired Action...

- Receiving your guided Signs & Messages - over 1400 a day!!!

- There's no such thing as failure or success/right or wrong...

- Words are vibration - Dr Emoto's work and how it effects your business & life

- All the answers are inside of you.... Really?

- This is Spiritual & Woo? NO! Its science and metaphysics......

- But I don't know HOW to have FUN???

- Taking back Control

- The role of Money and what it represents...and why can't I get any of it??

- Your personality, who you really are and how to embrace your faults & wrongs....

- Goals and Intentions

- Energy and Vibration

- Connectivity

- Your Internal Antennae

- Expectations and Letting Go

- Replacing Struggle with aligned processes that make your heart sing with joy!

- Trusting the process

- The Universal Magic

- How do we know if it works??

- Embracing and Accepting Change

- How to manipulate Time - it really is an Illusion!

- What happens when we change our intention from Money to LOVE..

-Changing and Healing the Planet - starting with us!

- An Unlimited Universe is available to YOU!

Just to name a few....

There is so much to share in this 12 week timeframe, but like anything else I believe in, the process will be simple and easy. We embrace your inner needs and wants - if you want to be lazy, thats OK... Come and go as you feel. Thats how we roll here...

But its up to you to participate to create a life where your passion turns into purpose.

Where the opportunities to attract abundance and happiness to you are endless, once we release the NEED to survive and HAVE problems.

It will get you into the right mindset and headspace to really create magic in your life and others around you....and change your world!

Universal Life IS a very different way of seeing things....

So be prepared to BE different after you are finished....

However you never really finish "The Journey"..

You are changing and growing day by day...

So when you join us for Universal Life, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to these teachings...

Universal Life runs twice a year...

So you can be part of our group for LIFE and have life long friendships with like minded people

Who are just as lovely as YOU!

So, enjoy the quiet while you can. Your life is just about to be revamped into something completely different...

A way of life that is easy, stress free, fun and full of love and purpose. No hard work. No worrying. And guess what?

You change others lives just by being yourself...

Who knew???

The opportunities are endless..

But your belief systems are going to be completely re-wired into a body & mind that is completely aligned with YOU and the Universe...

Spend time with me by clearing beliefs & mindset that holds us back from trusting the Universe and its manifesting procedures, using and embracing all 12 Laws in every day life and through to creating a beautiful lifestyle that you can pass onto your children, and their children...

And so on..

This is a GENERATIONAL change... A GENERATIONAL shift....

We are changing the old ways that DIDNT work

And using the ones that do....

With Universal Life you will receive:

- 12 weeks of working together as a group and blasting our lives out of the water!

- This includes notes, videos, worksheets and everything else you need to embrace your new Universal Life

- Join the Exclusive Universal Life Community Facebook Page of like minded people who are just like you...

- The Universal Lounge Room Chats TV Show where I talk with others using this system and specialists in their field...

- Daily Inspiration, Experiments, Amazing Connections and opportunity to change your life

- Opportunity to also join the Universal Business, Distance Clearing Circle and International Tapping Club as well which compliments this system and will help you shift further...

PLUS I have as a BONUS my new Ebook "Conversations with the Universe" which is being released very soon!

PLUS there are also opportunities to play in some of the other magical universal groups at a special Bundle Price that you will see below.....

Universal Life has changed my whole world...

and others as well...

I can't wait for it to change your life too....




$25 A WEEK

(usually $50)



(usually $199)


OR $297 in FULL

(usually $597)


Starts 8 February 2016 

Love FOR Universal Life...

"Oh my gosh and Kim - you are a powerhouse!

And I can't thank you enough for your Universal Business program, your Distance Clearing Circle, and Tap Club!

I have *never* felt so clear and supported and loved and seen. I can't wait to watch you change the world!"


"Know that you are my daily guidance without fail. You have and still are, helping me through challenging times and thanks to you and this group my family has grown as you are all in it now."


"Oh my gosh are you ever doing something worthwhile. I thank God for you everyday. There are those days I too needed that something and you were always there. Especially when I lost hope and wanted to give up in despair. Kim your words validated my being, have given me that inner push to change lives and the strength to live beyond that which I felt comfortable. I cherish every moment and look forward to the day I may Hug you in thanks."


"Never doubt it Kim! You are a loving energy rockstar."


"I just know that I love your work...and find that since i have been in life has rocked."



ONLY $25 a week

(from $50)

$99 PER MONTH...

(from $199)

or $297 in Full..

(from $597)


Kim Eibrink Jansen is an Internationally renowned Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Healer and Advisor.

The Universal Queen...

Her BIG picture philosophy around everything that happens to us and embracing the Universal Laws that govern our world, enables those who follow her practices to "step out of" their adversity and move forward in their lives. Her teachings to help them use their own Psychic Communications and Universal Messages as their guide, and having access to over a hundred different ways to deal with our day to day issues, Kim believes that we can all get the answers to anything we need to know, which enables them to move through life smoothly while manifesting absolutely anything they could ever need.

Health, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Success, Weight...whatever.....

These "issues" are the vehicle to not only changing lives for the better, but also a way that we can change others lives in the process and developing our own life purpose in the process...Life is easy and there is no should, have to or need to. Her work showcases how we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we can ever want following these techniques.

Kim is the creator and author of the "Universal Handbooks" Series, plus she runs many online programs including the Universal Business, Universal Life, Universal Magic School, Spiritual Growth & Development Program, Universal Tapping & Healing Club plus Distance Clearing & Psychic Reading Circle.. all showing people how to connect to their inner and outer wisdom, clear their issues and move forward into a purposeful life...

Referred to by her clients as their "Secret Weapon" and the "Body Whisperer", Kim is a Spiritual Advisor to personalities in the public, high profile business, leaders and celebrities.

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