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Online Group Coaching and Mentor Program

You are talented.

You have a GREAT business..

But no one really knows ANYTHING about you or your business.

You aren't making a lot of money.

And you are struggling to know how to make it a success.

Which leaves you questioning.....




Enter ME......Kim Eibrink Jansen

I am offering YOU the chance to work with me and a group of AMAZING WOMEN

In the Universal Business Mastermind..

Weekly..... Online......Together......

They are at the same level as you are at ......

AND they LIKE to manifest, play with the Universe and "put it out there"

But nothing has really worked.... Yet

And are looking for that BIG SECRET to help them move forward in their business..... and life..

This amazing Mastermind Opportunity is only open for 3 more Lucky Women NOW IN 2016!!

Being part of this Mastermind includes:

-1 hr weekly group sessions online with Kim and the group

- Special allocated "themes" as directed by The Universe for that particular week

-Intuitive and Psychic readings from all attendees during our group sessions on your business and future direction

-Plans on how to get your business moving in the Group Forum

-Accountability Working on issues you are having and how we can clear those

-Discussions on How you can use the Universal Laws in your business and your life

-Spiritual development and how you can get the answers to anything you need in your business and life

-Sharing how to use the 12 Universal Laws in your business and life

-Using the principle that "Money is Energy'....therefore identifying the "Energy" block and removing it

-Bringing back the a magic and fun in everything you do!

Why should I join the Awesomeness Magic Mastermind? How can it help me?

The experience says it all....

- I have over 25 years experience and knowledge in working with Metaphysics

- A University Degree in Business - Bachelor of Business

- I have set up, operated and run 5 other successful award winning businesses, one averaging annual earnings of $750K....

I'm now onto my sixth

- I've worked with the world's biggest coaches, read all the "books" about business & success and done major business success programs such as Marie Forleo's "B-School" and Denise Duffield Thomas "Lucky Bitch", and recently the "ProBlogger Conference" all focusing on tips & tools on making online businesses a success. And how to adapt all these strategies into a real life business.

- I've been coaching small businesses now for 5 years from all around the world

- I also receive psychic information for clients about their business, life purpose and the future for their life and business, as well as access to information about what is holding people back from the past. These are things we work on together for your business.

- I have templates, documents and schedules from all the many years of running businesses to share with you for you to use.


-There are bonus's such as regular inspiration, guidance and advice online

-Access to special interviews in my "Lounge Room Chats" Subscription with the Masters of Magic and

-Receive weekly "Love Letters" from me, and receiving vital information from my journey via the "You're Awesomeness" Blog

All together the value of this program should be around $2000 a month.

However, as a special introduction to you, I am offering for you to join me, weekly, for only $200 a month for 3 more people

This will almost be doubling after that time, so get in quick to join me and some AWESOME CHICKS

as we play with the Universe, with Magic and the Laws and Tools available to us

To make our lives and businesses everything they could ever dreamed they could be!!


Applications open until SEPTEMBER 2016....

"I first met Kim a few years ago through a mutual group. I loved her energy and spirit and she always had the most interesting and progressive things to say.

So helpful and kind, she helped me clear some heavy baggage that I had been carrying and together we delved into negative energies and cleared them.

Fast forward and I have been blessed to have worked with Kim, both one on one and with her group work.

She is so generous with her time and energy and always willing to help but also puts you in the driver's seat, so she is helping you, help yourself.

Through out both Universal Business and her mastermind, I was challenged, urged to stretch my comfort zone and came to see myself in new lights.

The mastermind was amazing and the support from Kim and the other ladies was intense at times but I always knew they had my back.

The friendships I've made through connecting with Kim and with others through her have been beautiful deep mutually respectful and loving.

I've learnt a lot about myself and how I turn up in the world and believe I am so much wiser for knowing Kim and the fantastic ladies I know connect with as friends.

Thank you Kim for being the divine being you are and showing up in such a powerful way.

Thank you for showing me what else is possible.Love always.. Alexis Littleboy"

* Entitles you to Weekly 1hr Group Coaching Sessions with Kim plus extras

* The Universal Business Mastermind is an ongoing monthly subscription

* Opt in and out anytime, based on the monthly payment cycle

* You will receive a Facebook Group Event during the week prior to the Weekly Group Sessions preparing you for the start date.

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