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Why the Law of Attraction or "The Secret" just isnt working for you!

Have you tried using the "Law of Attraction" principles, read "The Secret" but it still isnt working???

Is soooo frustrating....

I've done that too....following The Secret's strategy TO THE LETTER.... and nothing.....

So after YEARS & YEARS of trial and is WHY the Law of Attraction and The Secret wasnt working......

1. Intent.... Your intention has to be right. From the heart. Do it from a place of love and passion. And helping others. No other reason....

2. This is a feeling Universe.... You can visualise, wish and hope, but if you don't FEEL it it's a waste of time. I'm getting that this is where you haven't been able to achieve your goals and where tapping can do this for you. You have to FEEL amazing every second of the day. If you dont???TAP IT OUT!!!! This is your task for the rest of your life. And if you follow my Life Chart and lived each second with love and passion and purpose, everything works!! Everything is possible... You just have to follow my Life Purpose Chart process.

3. Tap out the past.... It's only shown you that it hasn't worked in the past, not now and not in the future. It's just a sign to try other ways. It's not a big deal.... Just have fun with it!!! Don't be so serious!!! And know every day the more you work on this you get closer & closer. So tap out past "failures", past goals that haven't come to fruition. Have you ever possibly thought that maybe the time wasn't right?? That there is something better for you around the corner, which is why it didn't come true at that time?? Or that you simply have more to learn. That's all it is. Don't be so hard on the Universe... It has a plan. Trust that it is operating for your higher good. Because it is. Guiding you to a place that you may not have ever expected to go, but us getting you closer to your dream...

4. Connection.... You have a connection with the Universe to get whatever we want. You just need to connect with yourself first, trust yourself, keep your energy high. That is all you need to do. And listen to your inner voice. This will then connect you deeper to the outer guidance that is avail to all of us. We just have to ask, trust and listen. Again that's all you have to do. And live each day, each second of each day in absolute passion and love. Again use my Life Chart... It's your time to live it now...

5. And who cares if you don't achieve your goals??? They are just a measure... A way of knowing where you are going. And something you can get excited about. Something to help you focus. To send out to the Universe. If things change... Don't worry!! It's just life!! It's the bigger plan!!! It's the journey!!! Your "measurement" has just changed. And it's always guiding you... Saying there is more to learn... Look at it as simply a tool to show you direction. Not a way to feel bad if you don't get there...

6. ACTION!!! Sitting and dreaming, visualising, sending out good vibes & LOVE just isnt enough.... You need to get out there and take risks... The bigger the risk, the better the outcome.

If you are wanting new opportunities to come your way, with BIG payoffs, you need to take a risk. But you cant go into the RISK siree!! You have to tap out being scared, then JUST DO IT!!!

Take that scariest risk without fear.... Go see that celebrity who is living your dream, Ring that Mentor you would LOVE to work with, Make an appointment with that DREAM COMPANY telling them about how you can make their business better!!! Dont hesitate!!!! Do those scary things with no fear and reap the rewards!!!!

7. LOVE!!

Surround everything with LOVE..... When you see that dream car, LOVE IT! When you see the dream house, LOVE IT! When you see the rich entrepreneur, LOVE THEM!!!

Surround everything with LOVE, it is such a powerful force and can move mountains!!

So instead of being jealous, annoyed, frustrated or angry (which will repel the things you want).....change it to LOVE and watch it come to you!!!


This is a feeling Universe... If you feel bad, don't live with passion and love, it just doesn't work. This is all you have to do. Tap out any negativity, feeling bad or limitations. It's simple as that!! And stop feeling like a failure, it doesn't work and it's hopeless. The Universe will simply say "Your wish is my command!"

Life is actually a game. And this is just another test!! Don't bail....Play it!!! And enjoy..... xoxoxo


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