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My Journey with working directly with The Universe started just over 2 years ago, indirectly for nearly 5 years after I experienced a deep trauma and I asked for help from above..

Since working with the Universe, I have been in awe at the way The Universe surprises me, daily.

Synchronicity, Magic, Opportunities, Clients, Alignment, Love & Support..

The Universe really has shown me that when we follow the Universal Laws and our own Universal Truth that life on this planet doesn't have to be hard...

This is how it all unfolded for me...

I remember distinctly the day where my life turned around.

I was running a hugely successful Wedding Planning business at the time, but I was overworked and extremely stressed. At the time I also had 4 young children and a large property portfolio. My husband was staying at home to raise the children, so I was the main income earner.

The pressure, the stress, the lack of sleep and the overwhelming feeling of NO CONTROL was too much to bear. I was too busy and had no life.

I hired a business coach who helped me to make my business “bigger and better” with bringing in staff, a warehouse/office plus more. Things just got worse and now I not only had extra stress, I now also had financial pressures and issues that were just going downhill.

I remember one night, on my knees in my lounge room. was too much.

I looked up at the sky and said “Someone please help me!!”

I bought lots and lots of books, and worked harder and harder.

Around that time, the book “The Secret” had come out.

“Hurray!”I thought. “The Secret is here to help me find the Secret!”

I remember using all the techniques and processes...nothing. And all those business books I could get my hands on? Still nothing...

In the end, we ended up loosing everything.

That experience (in hindsight) was probably the best experience that could ever have happened to me. That experience taught me one thing –

you can’t expect others to give you the answers. You have to do these things for yourself.

Since I was a teenager I had always been into motivation & inspirational stuff. Early 20’s I read the book “Heal your Life” by Louise Hay. That introduction to Metaphysics and Spirituality always stayed with me and I always had a keen interest in it. Even going to Psychics myself, trying to get the answers from some where..

During this turmoil, I started using Oracle Cards daily to help me get through. I remember getting my first pack. I was so excited! I loved to get Guidance from the Angels via these cards. It helped me with my “control issues” (yes I was a control freak, a perfectionist and an organiser!) when they told me to “Relax we have it all under control” “This Situation is already Resolved” & “Spend more time outdoors”... I was thinking "there has to be more to it than that! That isn't going to help me!"

The thing was, I kept pulling the same cards everyday. I starting getting angry...

“How can I relax?? How is this Situation already resolved?? And what on earth is spending more time outdoors going to do? Bring me more money? Sure!!”

I was beginning to think that even the Oracle Cards couldn’t give me the answer.

It was the day that we had to walk away...and I had to SURRENDER to it all, that something changed...

I really DID have no CONTROL...and I had to LET IT GO...

From that day on, MAGIC really did happen.

People started showing up in my life, situations and events started to appear and I was finding that the more I ASKED, LET GO & TRUSTED that the next step would be shown to me, well it did!

The secret for me was to LISTEN and ACT on what these steps were showing me. If something came into my awareness, I did it. I acted on it.

I knew I wanted to study some kind of natural therapy and studied EFT (even though I had no idea what it was) because it came across my path. Then I started a practice and moved it onto an online business, all from the ASKING, following the next steps, TRUSTING and then LETTING GO..

Fast forward a year or so, my practice was doing well, and my spiritual gifts had expanded so much from the work I was doing. My energy work expanded to a lot more than just energy. I started receiving psychic messages for clients, connectingto loved ones that had passed away, seeing their Past Lives in sessions, working telepathically with client’s and their families and I started having experiences of travelling to my client’s houses on the other side of the world, of going to other dimensions, other planets, all from my office chair.

I was working with Archangels, Guides and although I am not religious I started working with Jesus & God. Amazing experiences and I am so blessed to be calling all of these “My Team.”

This expanded to be working with Doctors on the other side that allowed me to facilitate Psychic Surgery with clients remotely on the other side of the world.

And accessing the Akashic Records and being able to read client’s“Soul Books”andBlueprints. Amending and cancelling contracts and agreements that we have with others in this life and past lives that may be affecting us now.

Spending quite a bit of time in meditation allowed me to go to that place that we go to as souls after we die. Where we meet with our Guides for life revision and the selection process for our next life, our Soul Groups as well as the Panel of Elders for reflections and recommendations from past and future lives..

This all happened from allowing myself to be guided to what I need to do next..

This guidance firstly came as a feeling – I would like to do this or I would like to try that. What came into my awareness. I said YES to everything..

But whilst conducting a Group Psychic Readings for one of my Membership Groups, I found that the “tone” of the readings were changing. Dramatically. I knew that these messages weren’t from guides or spirits.

When I asked telepathically “who is this?” I was shown a team of Higher Ascended Beings who labelled themselves as the “Collective Consciousness”.

They said that they wanted to play! Their instructions were to ask my group to present questions to them and that they would answer them for us..

It expanded to connecting to that higher source energy, so from there I started using this Question & Answer format with my own life, what I call

“The Universe” to get the answer to whatever I wish to know.. it has been my lifeline to moving forward in life with my next steps and what I wish to know.

My guidance now is to share with everyone how they too, can get their own “Guidance from the Universe” in my workshops, online programs and courses and of course with my private clients. Everyone has access to this Guidance from the Universe but not everyone accesses it, or

“hears” it the same way. My aim is to spread this message to everyone who seeks the truth, who wants the answers to their purpose on earth and to those who wish for a greater future of a loving and peaceful Planet Earth.

This information is available to us all, if we can just listen to the messages we are receiving..

Kim Eibrink Jansen xo

(excerpt from "Guidance from the Universe - Secrets for Universal Abundance, Love, Money, Success, Health, Happiness, Purpose AND YOU.)

Moving into 2017, I have been gifted with the following options of experiences you can have for us all to

enjoy, learn, grow from reconnecting us to who we really are and embracing our unique desires, joys

and passions in alignment with an Unlimited Universe.

The Concept of Self Management is crucial as we move into the next phase of Earth's own evolution... we have the answers inside of us, we just need to know how to find them.

And the Universe DOES talk to us, every second of every day. It is guiding you constantly to your next steps in your journey and helping you every step of the way..if you listen to it...

Welcome to these amazing journey's, processes & groups that I am running this year in alignment with the Universe's Guidance for us all...

An Epic Universal Journey

A Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery

And Reconnection with your Universal Self...

Find your Limitless Potential...

Join me as I take you on a 12 month (52 week) journey into the depths of the Universe...that is deep inside of YOU in Group Format...

While discovering and experiencing the most Epic Journey into other Dimensions, Universe's, Alternate, Parallel, Past lives, Lives between Lives..

Find out so much about yourself that you will intimately know who you are, your purpose here and your destiny... Plus much much more...

$10 p/week or $40 p/mth

Universal Journey Group Coaching

Work with Kim each week in this group format where she will guide you

on things that come up in your life....

And what they mean about your Life Plan & Big Picture..

She will empower you and show you new tools to use,

how to get your own answers as well as show you the Universal Plan on why things happen and what they mean...

Decipher messages & signs and start to get the answers in life!!!

$19 p/week or $75 p/mth

Healers Healing Circle

A Weekly Group designed for Talented and Advanced Healers

from all around the World who would like to expand their awareness

and continue working on themselves...

You help so many but are also on your own journey.

You know the power in Healing yourself during you time here on Earth..

Join us weekly as we work together to continue your Clearing Journey working in all different realms with further self discovery while working on recent awarenesses..

Find out how it works here

There are also bundles available in some of these groups with even bigger discounts

and more capacity to grow and to learn being a part of more than one of these wonderful experiences!!!

Look forward to welcoming you to my Sacred Groups.

They are extremely special, I am blessed to be a part of these and I honour each and every one of them..thank you for being here! xo

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