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MEGA 2 Hour Private All Over Clearing Session

"A Mega 2 Hour Private Session with Kim will blow your mind!

Its like a mini retreat in my very own home!"

Feel like you need a BIG energetic clean out??

Want to clear EVERYTHING from your psyche, your soul blue print and the Akashic Records all in the one session???

Kim works with your body, subconscious and super conscious mind plus telepathic & psychically connecting with you, where your body & soul actually "talks" to her, as well as using her psychic ability that tells her why you have an issue so she can clear it.

She will look at your current “themes” or issues – lack of money, love, unhappy at work, illness, and more – and find a way to resolve them. She looks along your "soul timeline" to find out where these all started from and why you actually have them in the first place...

These issues always happen for a reason and are trying to tell you something.....

Kim is the detective who works out why this is happening to you, so you can learn the lesson and the reason, clear it and get back into the land of the living and move on.

If the issue isn't obvious to you, Kim will chat with you and your body to decipher some of the issues you are facing and discuss why they are happening and the message you are meant to receive about why it has happened.

Together, you clear them from the body, one after another.

There are usually many layers to an issue, but that is great. As we clear each one, more and more are released from your body at the same time.

- If your issue stems from a Past Life, the Past Life will come up during a session where both client and Kim get to travel back in time to see what the body is hanging onto and clear this from the body.

- If the issue is something you are lacking, it will come up quick smart why, and we use various techniques to clear it from the body and replace the thing that was missing naturally in the body.

- If there is traumatic experience from a past event, either growing up or more recently, that will come up too. And we clear it from the body and subconscious so it doesn't raise its ugly head anymore.

- If there are money blocks, success and abundance issues, Kim investigates why and again these are cleared. Then she teaches the Universal Laws so you never have to deal with this again!

- If it’s a physical issue, whether chronic or genetic illness, pain or disease, Kim works with the body to determine the metaphysical and psychological reason, then works with the client to clear the issues from the body, so it can heal itself.

AND Kim clears negative energy you have picked up from other people, like a virus. Other people's energy can attach itself to us, draining our energy and creating physical and mental illnesses. It is imperative for all foreign energies to be cleared in order to move forward.

Going into the Akashic Records, into Past Lives or visiting an alternate Universe or Dimension to get our answers, we have access to everything we need RIGHT NOW....

Take the plunge and clear the lot!!!

How it works....

1/ Book your session online below.

2/ You will be sent to a scheduler which will allow you to choose a time that suits you

3/ 12-24 hours prior to your session, Kim will send you information about your session to get an accurate brief on what you want to change.

It will go into "What to expect", "What to do before and after the session" as well as a brief questionnaire on your current situation and what you are wanting to work on.

You will then be directed to Zoom, her online Virtual Office that you download the Zoom Software, then on the day you click on the link and away we go!

What then happens is a quick chat about your issue, then its straight to work!

Kim will receive information as to why you have this issue and how to clear it.

This is a fascinating process that has to be seen to be believed.

The aim of the session, is for you to look at your questionnaire that you sent prior to the session, and not to recognise it as your own STUFF anymore.

Its not your reality anymore.......

We are looking forward to helping you clear all your baggage so you can be the person you really want to be.... YOU!!!

$700 2 hr session including

- a recording of the session

- post care information and

-1 week email contact direct with Kim

Grab your place now... 

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