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How does Channeling Club work???

Step 1. Join the Facebook Group when you book your place

Channeling Club is $15 a week (or $10 if you join "The Universe Has Your Back" Program) subscription with 24 x weekly payments...

On booking, you will be sent to the location of the Facebook Group where you will need to JOIN GROUP...

You are welcome to leave the group at anytime.

Step 2. Starting Monday 8 January for 6 months

Each week we will be channeling energies from near and far to get whatever information you require about your own life and about others...

Kim will conduct a LIVE call each week to guide you on how to channel the particular energies we want to channel and which energies each week we will be channeling for that week.. along with characteristics of the channeled being so you can connect energetically to them for a clear channel.

Some energies will be easier than others, so be patient with yourself and most importantly remember...YOU ARE NOT MAKING IT UP!!!

(time of call tba - if you dont attend not to worry as the call will be recorded and also LIVE in our Facebook Group).

3. Each Day we will either channel the particular energy we are channeling that week, or you can go to any of the other energies that we have connected with to get the answers to what you want to know.

Its important to keep up the channeling daily. That is my intention for setting up and running this so I personally make channeling a daily activity. Reason being, is that things always WORK when I bring channeling in to my daily routine.

You will not only get amazing insights and clarity from this process, but as we are all connected, you will find at least one (if not a few) of someone else in the group that may have channeled on a issue similar to your own. So even though you don't actually get anything, you still benefit collectively from the information and energy shifts from the group and learn so much about yourself and the Universe in this process.

JOIN NOW @ $15 per week

or JOIN $10 per week

(plus $20 "The Universe Has Your Back" Program)

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