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Current Physical Symptoms of Ascension...

Posted on April 28, 2017 at 1:05 AM

Physical Changes are happening RIGHT NOW to our bodies are we move closer to our 4th & 5th Dimensional light bodies with the recent increase of the frequency of the planet...

These are all natural so no need for alarm. But also no alarm if you AREN'T getting these. Some people's bodies need a lot of retuning, others are already there.

In the 4th & 5th dimension there is no comparing so please don't worry if you are or aren't having symptoms. Going Within and listening to yourself is the key.

You may be feeling or experiencing recently....

- Extremely dehydrated even though you are drinking lots of water and always thirsty

- Itchy Rashes or small lumps appearing on arms, legs or neck

- Random Itchy Eczema appearing on feet & hands

- A feeling of being "hungover" and taste in your mouth as if you had a massive drinking session the night before, but you haven't touched a drop of alcohol

- Ears ringing and going in and out of different levels of ringing as they adjust to the new frequencies

- Loosing a lot of hair.. you are noticing it everywhere on the floor, shower, bathroom, kitchen..

- Strange lumps appearing on your face (like pimples) but they aren't pimples. Not itchy.

- Feeling lethargic and tired all of a sudden.

- Glands seem enlarged, like they are processing toxins.

- Random sore throats that don't eventuate to anything

- Random coughing or something caught in throat

- May get waves of vomiting or flu like symptoms, then feel fine afterwards.

- Body temperature seems warmer.

- Waking up one or more times at night, unable to go back to sleep. In particular between 2-4am (waves...that's the time here right now..������)

You may feel super sensitive to energy, especially when you go into crowds. My advice here is when you go into crowds, to pull your focus, attention and energy within. You will feel peace and ease when you do this.

You may also notice that people around you are having random outbursts of anger & frustration that appears to be directed at you, but you aren't reacting to it. This is because your inner truth is coming closer to your level of consciousness so what you thought was true yesterday, won't be true today.

And your level of awareness is heightened. You are statrting to notice more around you.. the breeze, smells, noises.... as your senses readjust. Colours will seem to "pop" and will appear stronger and more vibrant.

Share your experiences that you have had recently as our bodies shift to a new level...

You aren't alone ����������

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