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We have all the answers we need...

Posted on May 4, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Tonight while sitting by the pool watching the kids, I had an idea..

I was going to MUSCLE TEST and work out what my body is supposed to eat, what exercise it is designed to do, who I want to work with and what I love to do...all via muscle testing....

Here were the answers..


Fruit, Veges, Nuts, Cheese, Soy Milk with small amounts of chicken, fish & eggs. Also small amounts coffee & tea are ok too

No sugar, red meat, pasta or grains, alcohol, processed foods, bread or dairy...


Dancing & singing, walking, yoga, meditation, pilates & gymnastics.

Zone of Genius (ie what is fun for me!)

Spiritual Teacher, Universal Strategist, Speaker, Writer & Author, Transmutation, Metaphysics & Body Whispering, Channel Guidance from the Universe...

Who I want to work with



A high interest in learning more about getting the answers, spirituality, metaphysics & big picture "why are we here" universal stuff

Its all clear now - onwards & upwards...

I even went to grab some cake tonight and was instantly stopped by some strange force - I just couldnt go there..

We all have the answers within...

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