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How can I earn more than $10 000 a month???

Posted on February 21, 2016 at 10:00 PM

I noticed that I keep getting stuck around a certain figure and haven't moved past it yet... So I wanted to have a chat with the Universe on ULP's and Money that I thought I would share..

K - Hey Big U, I know I have something around earning more than

$10 000 a month because I always get within a couple of $, but not past it. What's that all about?

U - Because you think more than $10 000 is too much..

K- Too Much?? But I would LOVE that!

U - Yeah but with it comes (what you think) is responsibility.

K - Ok so change my thoughts to "more money, more freedom, more choice..."

oh no - I had a physical reaction to "more freedom"... Why??

U - Because to you, more freedom means lazy and irresponsible. Go back to when you were growing up and your early days working. Being responsible and working hard were two things that you HAD to do to become a success.. Being "busy" was a good thing. So you have linked these things to equating having "money"..

So subconsciously you think that to earn more than $10 000 a month you need to work harder and be busy.

Think about Richard Branson laying around the pool on his island drinking cocktails all day, jet skiing around his island and partying all night - and earning bucket loads of money. How do you feel about that??

K - Yeah, I see your point. There is resentment and even judgement around those people who just laze around and make lots of money. Its like "dont be so lazy and get off your butt and do something!" kind of thought... Hmmm I think that sounds like one of my parents!

U - Yes, you feel that in your gut you have a rising annoyance around people being lazy and earning money, because it is going against everything you have been taught..

But we are here to change things around for you and to tell you the truth. The less you "work" and the more you are in your zone of genius, the more money you make..

You might not consider this "work" because you are in a feels like fun, exciting and amazing!

You have gone a long way to get yourself to where you are now, out of poverty and starting to make money. But now you are ready for this next level you are still bringing up old beliefs that you thought were gone..

K - Yes! I didn't realise this was in there and thought that this was gone!

But our bodies don't lie, and if I am feeling resistance still around the visual of people relaxing by the pool and not "working hard"...then there is something there, even though its not a belief..

So if it isn't a belief, what is it?

U - Its the beliefs of others that have "stuck" with you. So when you step into "the money" their voices will come up and sneak back in and say "you have to work hard" or "dont be so lazy"..

Release their voices from your energy and then you will be ready to move past this $ figure...

K - Thanks!! xo

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