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How I went from Hotel Executive to Award Winner Wedding Planner to "The Body Whisperer"

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 8:50 PM

How I went from Hotel Executive to Award Winning Wedding Planner to “The Body Whisperer”….

I’d been in the hospitality industry ever since I was 14…. Gee it’s a great way to learn all about people… And you never dream where it can take you…

During my University days, I was working in the finest establishments in Brisbane, learning how to “Read Customers” was a skill that was taught back in the day of fine dining and silver service, where you had to predict what the customer wanted before they asked simply by watching their body language and experience of knowing their behaviours and what people just require and when. If a customer “asked” us for something…we had failed in our task. You can’t interrupt a Premier, Government Minister or Barrister to ask them if they want sauce with their steak, more wine or pepper… We had to predict and read..

Leaving University I went straight into Management in Events & Sales within some of the top 5 star Hotels, learning amazing tools understanding what people wanted and strategies around human behaviour to use to our advantage.

Getting married and having children is not conducive to hotel hours, so I set up an Events business, which quickly grew into Destination Wedding Planning. I also studied under many Business Coaches to learn about how to make a business a success. But after 11 years, and 4 children later, and no life, the stress of running a large successful company took its toll on my health, my family and my relationships, and I made a decision to wind down. Something had to change. I remember asking myself “If I could do something I really loved, without getting paid, what would it be?” and my answer was “Talking!” But more than that, I loved it when my brides would say “You’ve made me feel so much better..”

As soon as I made the decision to wind down, I was asked to help other Wedding Businesses and started Coaching. I quickly worked out that it was the beliefs and values of the business owners were the main reason why their businesses were failing. I had to find a way to change this.

A process called EFT Tapping was shown to me and I was so amazed about its results and how people changed instantly before my eyes, that I studied it and became a Practitioner.

I started attracting clients who had numerous Health issues, and this quickly became my passion. To see someone come in incapacitated, then dancing out the door was so rewarding.

During these sessions, I started to get messages telling me why people were unwell or why things weren’t working out for them. The accuracy of the information has been astounding and each day I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is for us to heal ourselves….if we just listen to what the body is telling us.

Life is indeed a journey…apparently I’ve been a Body Whisperer for years! Its great now I can use this amazing skill to help others….

Kim Eibrink Jansen

The Body Whisperer

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