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Thank you to The Universe

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"Thank you, Universe, for sending me the most amazing clients!

Somehow, you have decided to send me a beautiful group of such gifted people.....people who have had a hard life, but have a MASSIVE higher purpose in the evolution of the World.... BIG PICTURE STUFF!

You have put them through the wringer... through much pain, rejection, sorrow and loneliness...I know because they tell me all about their journey....

But once w...

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Money Blocks from a PAST LIFE!

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A lovely lady came into my practice as she had heard that I specialise in finding and clearing money blocks for success and abundance....

As we went through her history and delved into her issues throughout her life, she definitely had attracted quite alot of bad luck into her life. One main recurring theme that came up time and time again, and alot of her issues were based around, were intruders, safety, loneliness and loosing money....

We went back as ea...

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