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"Nothing is working.."

"I need help..."


"Please help me"

"I need answers.."

"Something needs to Change"

"I need Guidance on my next steps"

This is your invitation to

Transform your Current Reality..

Learn how we create your Life Destiny Map

and find out your own special manifesting process

and life coping skills

that will ensure you never have to struggle

with issues again..

You are stuck, nothing is working and you are freaking out!

You want to say goodbye to something that has plagued you for years..

You are unhappy and need something to change..

But you don't know how...

Working closely with You, your Spiritual Team & your Destiny

We have a program to start to completely Transform what is going on in your life

And change your current reality..

And give you amazing awareness..



"To change from one form, nature, substance, or state into another; transform.."

Could you imagine how amazing it would be,

If you could "transmute" your current situation

And change it, into another state, and completely transform it...

Just like that!

"Transmute Your Life" is just one of the processes designed by Kim Eibrink Jansen

in her new Universal Life Program

That is proven to Change your Life...

"I invite you to have a Chat with Me

so you can get an idea on how we can change your life too...

Come to me with ANY issue...

Nothing is too big or too small...

The Guidance you will receive is invaluable!"

Kim xo 

What this means is this...

You can jump onto the phone, Skype or Zoom with me FREE

and we can have a chat about what you are going through.

I will give you ideas on what you can do and how you can move forward in life..

You may be struggling with:

- Life

- Emotional Issues

- Overwhelm, Exhaustion, Stress or Anxiety

- Money Issues

- Business and/or Success

- Patterns & Subconscious Behaviours

- Relationship Issues

- Looking for Love

- Weight

- Life Balance and Happiness

- Spiritual Enhancement and Connection

I like to make sense of what is going on for you and put a plan in place on how to deal with it..

This session is great for:

- Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs

- Those looking for Inspiration

- To Uplevel your Life or looking for a Career Change into a role that is more fulfilling and purposeful

- Those feeling Lost, Alone or Struggling

- Looking for a Spiritual Connection and to learn more about how to connect with Spirit and themselves

- Mums/Moms trying to find balance and happiness in their lives

- Dealing with getting older and not achieving what you want to achieve

Or anyone that generally wants to change their life...

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