Kim Eibrink Jansen

KIM EIBRINK JANSEN......Life, spirituality & Universal mindset strategist

1 hour Session with Kim

"Your work is amazing and helped me break through so much stuff in my business...." Sarah

"Kim Eibrink Jansen is my go to. She is in a league of her own and I absolutely adore her. She meets you exactly where you are and always we travel to a place that is "more". Words don't describe the experiences we've had." - Alexis

"After the last session, I realised have not felt embarrased/ashamed at all, anymore! It is just a magical feeling, I used to feel that way most of the time, nearly all of the time, and now I'm like...did I?? It's so easy to "forget" it! :) It's like file that has been in computer and removed/deleted, I can remember it was there but can't "access" it anymore. Awesome!......."  Tuuli 

"Kim darling, I just wanted to say that gosh today’s Zoom was SO great! Seriously. I wasn’t expecting soooo many things to ring true, or to cry twice! Gosh love. Always adore connecting with you. I always come away with SO much and I always feel so wonderful. Thank you 😊 I’m so grateful for you coming into my life. In this last year, I have discovered more about myself and who I truly am, than in the last 40 years of my life and for that I thank you. What you do and what you bring is special. Just thought I’d let you know, because as humans here on this earth, it’s ALWAYS nice to be reminded we are on the right path. So much love to you ❤️😘........" Michelle 

"Since the relationship session with me, men are now contacting me through match which never has happened and my Best gal pal tried to set me up with a guy she works with. Very cool things happening because of the release work you did with me. Thank you so much. Plus I also have started taking a multivitamin and a stronger probiotic and find that I am eating less!....." Peggy 

"THANKYOU for our time together today. I am ever so grateful 💜😊 Just so you know - I already feel less burdened.

I was able to tell a friend tonight what I have been going through and I made it through the whole story without tears. I know tears are ok, (and I fully expect there to be more) but it finally feels like I am in control of the grief and not the other way around......." Tracey 

Something is not right in your life,

You probably don't know why, or what to do about it...

You want to change it

But don't know how....

My speciality and absolute passion

Is digging deep into your psyche, your subconscious

to see what is going on in there

and how it is creating the thing that you are struggling with the most....

Using a variety of tools

I just LOVE getting to the bottom of all drama, trauma, pain and adversity....

And getting rid of it, once and for all....

You are frustrated and have had enough
You have watched others succeed around you

Joined in their celebration and joy..



You have tried EVERYTHING..

Money, Relationships, Success, Health....

Something is wrong - but you don't know why this is happening and how to break free of being STUCK!

In this Amazing 1 hour Session we will be able to:

-Look at your current situation, your issues and turn them into opportunities for your next steps

- Create a Process That Works for You....The Way to Success...

-Together we find out why bad things are happening

-We find out your ultimate purpose here and what you are meant to achieve

- I teach you how to get through life & adversity in a breeze......


- Then once we sort out the issues I teach you to do this yourself

- We talk about the BIG PICTURE around your life now, why you chose it and the people in it

- Get a plan in place for your next steps to allow you to step into your TALENTS

Plus whatever else is required....




Clear years, centuries, 

lives of stuff 

and get the BIG PICTURE around it all...

Start to live a Life that Works for you..

Create Your Way!! 

I know it sounds good, and all that, but it sounds "too good to be true!"

Well, don't take my word for it, here are just a few comments from others.....

"Hi Lovely! I could seriously squeeze you so tight right now!

I just woke up for the first time that I can remember and I'm NOT in PAIN!!

There is a part of me that is waiting for it not to be real.

When I just thought that, I thought, this is just a thought.

Its NOT real. That isn't my reality anymore..."

Laurie Driggers
Health Coach

"Public Service Announcement:
If you haven't yet worked with Kim Eibrink Jansen,

do yourself a favour and get over there.

The woman is amazing, knows her shit and wayyy over-delivers.

TYSM, Kim!"

Rebecca Tsaros Dickson
The Coach for Coaches

"You are doing amazing work Kim.

I feel completely different today after our work yesterday.

I will need more of it after a while I think to peel a few other

layers of the onion.

Thank you so much."

AnYes Van Rhijn
Success Coach

"Working with Kim Eibrink Jansen!!

Hands down BEST part of my day!!!

If you haven't experienced her gifts you are missing out!

She's amazing and I am left in awe of what came up

and how clear I feel already.

All the questioning I have done this month about if I was enough

or had something that people were interested in, etc

All gone!

Thanks to Kim Eibrink Jansen!

Look out world,

Lamisha is baaaaaaack! xo"

Lamisha Self-Walls

Life Once Dreamt Life Coaching


This is a 1 hour Session
So we will conduct this session on Zoom
Before the session you send me a breif
I will go through this before the session
And get any insights that I need prior to us meeting

Then during the session we will start with an overview on WHY your life has turned out the way it has
And I will give you insights as to what benefit it has has served in your life
And what you were meant to learn from this

Where we will then discuss self management processes at home

And how you can not only continue the process at home
But the system I use as to what you do when something arises
And how to acknowledge and clear this in the future.....

I am giving you a PERFECT CHANCE to change all of your crap and step into our power and gifts 


Don't look back and wish you had taken the chance

I look forward to seeing you move into a different and NEW reality..